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Cartagena News - August 2012

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  • Futsal Cartagena burns calories at the rate of music (31/08/2012)
    Menchón Francisco's pupils get in tune with your physical condition and initiation phase transition preseason.
  • The Auditorium and Congress Palace assume the VAT increase (31/08/2012)
    tickets to concerts and shows maintain their usual price, despite the rise September 1
  • Aida Gomez, presented at The Adalí Batel, her new dance show (31/08/2012)
    The performance, whose music will be Juan Parrilla, will take place on October 13
  • Cartagena will host the first game of Table Tennis League Women's European Nations (31/08/2012)
    The presentation of the event will take place on September 3 at 13 am in Conference Room of the Palace Reception Hall
  • Pedro Cano guide on Tuesday the visit by exposure IX Mediterranean (31/08/2012)
    The exhibition, which will close on September 15, will be discussed later this month in Rome
  • Agreement between Enagás Fenosa and the city on fire (31/08/2012)
    Firefighters work with that company Escombreras combined cycle and train its staff at the facilities of the SPACE
  • The City subsidizes popular celebrations of 45 neighborhood associations and entities (31/08/2012)
    aid totaling € 80,000 and ranging between 500 and 3,000 euros
  • Cartagena, prepared for the rainy season (31/08/2012)
    Infrastructure Councilman presents the Governing Board a report on the actions taken in recent months in the sewers, pumping stations and scuppers
  • The University of Murcia begins Monday Scientific Diving courses and Navigation, the oldest of the University of the Sea (31/08/2012)
    student divers will dive up to 30 meters deep
  • Ayala doubt that the secretary of the PSOE in Cartagena Infrastructures able to distinguish a train to a bus (30/08/2012)

  • Barreiro asks traders an agreement to apply the law of liberty times (30/08/2012)
    The mayor noted that the employer has to shape the tourist and recalls that the legislation is not an imposition
  • Oseométricas tests confirm the majority of one of the Algerian immigrants intercepted yesterday in Cartagena (30/08/2012)
    It is the only of the hostages who claimed to be less
  • ANSE uses General Plan approval Cartagena (30/08/2012)

  • Aniceto Garcia: "I demand that belies Andres Ayala documents my words" (29/08/2012)
    Infrastructure Secretary local PSOE asks if it is true that Minister Ana Pastor has relocated to Cartagena on the map of the High Speed the game show dedicated to this purpose in the Budget
  • The City Council is about the festive grounds of Carthaginians and Romans (29/08/2012)
    We are pruning trees, building the wall that besiege the camp and improving the electrical connection to prevent blackouts
  • Between two and three months will be used in the restoration of the Piton de los Burros (29/08/2012)
    The Department of Municipal Infrastructure Workshop instructs the Restoration settlement of the curb, whose natural stone pieces broke off yesterday
  • Stopped author of twenty-one person steals in vehicles parked near the Santa Lucia Hospital. (29/08/2012)
    The detainee, who has multiple criminal record, took advantage of family visits to the hospital to commit their crimes
  • The China Acrobatic Circus comes to The Batel (29/08/2012)
    The show will be Thursday at 21:30
  • Entrepreneurs and City close positions on the Freedom Time of Commerce (28/08/2012)

  • City buses retake the winter schedule beginning Saturday (28/08/2012)
    The beach service will remain active until Sunday and La Manga will change on Monday
  • "For a sustainable future for the Mar Menor" (28/08/2012)
    Ecologists in Action denounces nonexistent management Cartagena del Mar Menor
  • They return nightly visits to the Teatro Romano Dramatised (28/08/2012)
    Auleum, Cradle Will Rock, will be held the first three Saturdays in September
  • A member company of AJE Cartagena participates in an international education promoted by the Fundación Telefónica (27/08/2012)
    DIPAH explained the importance of emotional education in the classroom and the impact of chronic stress on academic performance
  • The PSOE describes as "deception disastrous to the interests of the region" PP management on the AVE to Cartagena (27/08/2012)

  • Four breakdowns followed in the conduct of the Commonwealth leave almost two days without water at El Algar and Los Urrutias (27/08/2012)
    The eight miles of pipe length and diameter hindered the restoration of service
  • Traffic on Wednesday cut a section of Paseo de Alfonso XIII and Tirso de Molina Street (27/08/2012)
    The cut, which will occur between Captains Ripoll and Plaza de Alicante, runs through Thursday, for the walk, and until 11 September in Tirso de Molina
  • It works resume Avenue parking America (27/08/2012)
    After a break of two weeks for staff vacations concessionaire
  • Confuse the provision of assistance to an alleged abuse (27/08/2012)
    Apparently a neighbor provided a wrong version of what happened to see a driver attending to a drunk man who was shot in the shoulder
  • The Cartagena Antonio Lopez was proclaimed champion of Europe of Nations Optimist class, with Spain (26/08/2012)

  • The Civil Guard detained a person for indecent exposure before children in a playground (25/08/2012)
    was surprised by the mother of a 3 year old girl while exhibiting their genitals
  • Telephony and appliances account for summer queries and complaints Consumer (24/08/2012)
    complaints also include the billing of utilities for changing counters
  • 700 cruise passengers arriving on Sunday Cartagena (24/08/2012)
    The Roman Theatre will extend its closing time until four in the afternoon to facilitate visits
  • The neighborhood of San Ginés celebrates the old pattern of Cartagena (24/08/2012)
    After the traditional procession last Saturday, this weekend will cry, Mass and procession
  • Water Court on Monday in El Beal, El Llano and The Straits (24/08/2012)
    It will take place on half past eight, with a maximum of ten hours
  • Running the latest works from the promenade of Rambla de Benipila (23/08/2012)
    Company Operators are standing Pavasal balustrades and railings, street access to the gateway Luis Calandre rose linking this pathway with the office of the District of Conception
  • Education urges people to donate used textbooks (23/08/2012)
    Copies can be delivered and on and omit the Department, and from September in schools
  • VIII Cross Miner Popular Llano del Beal (23/08/2012)
    be held next weekend in the city of Cartagena with a distance of 5.3 km on dirt roads adjacent to an original circuit with significant slopes
  • The Civil Guard intercepts a boat carrying Cartagena fifteen immigrants (23/08/2012)

  • Dies exconcejal Jose Espinosa García (23/08/2012)
    He was responsible for Parks and Gardens for eight years, with the mayors Juan Martinez and Antonio Vallejo Simon
  • The work of the office and the local office of Miranda will be finished in a month (22/08/2012)
    We remodeled the interior of the clinic, with new facilities of water, electricity and air conditioning, and expanded neighborhood units
  • The Easter morning Cartagena receives Gold Crilla la Huerta and The Sea (22/08/2012)
    The event which will deliver the highest award of the Week Huerta Los Alcazares attend the Councillor for Tourism of Cartagena, Palazón Carolina
  • La Aparecida prepares for its festivities (22/08/2012)
    sports championships, nights humor, processions and musical performances are some of the holiday activities of this council, which begin on 31
  • The St. Petersburg Ballet will perform on Friday The Swan Lake in The Batel (22/08/2012)
    Tickets for this dance classic, which will begin at 2120 hours, cost between 15 and 30 euros
  • Two thousand people enjoy the summer activities of Cartagena Port of Cultures (21/08/2012)
    In the remainder of the month still night walks can be made on the boat tour, visit the neighborhood at night and do the Roman Forum Carthago Nova routes: the Theatre at the Spa and Defense and Attack
  • Two companies partner to AJE Cartagena create a cultural tourism program for archaeological routes throughout Spain (21/08/2012)
    This is a new format for thematic trips that combines explanations of archaeological finds and activities related to photography, laughter therapy and intelligence emotional
  • IU-Greens explanations requests the council on the status of the home help service (21/08/2012)
    The strike call by the workers, who have three months without pay, leave without attention to more than 500 people over the municipality
  • Firefighters rescue a girl inside a cistern (21/08/2012)
    She had accidentally fallen.
  • About four thousand cruise passengers pass through the city in the coming days (20/08/2012)
    The Oceana ship arrived this morning at the port, while the next will scale the Seven Seas Mariner and Voyager Coast
  • Condition the sidewalk of Seat and Opel dealers in Avenida Juan Carlos I (20/08/2012)
    The works will last until 14 September and will involve the cutting of one of the lanes
  • Miguel Poveda and Manuel Carrasco, new additions to the programming of the Batel (20/08/2012)
    Perform at Cartagena on 14 and 28 September, respectively, and the tickets can be purchased at the box office and internet audience with discounts for youth, unemployed and pensioners
  • To the sound of the Seas was fired at Fort Christmas (20/08/2012)
    200 people attended the second and final concert with music Bandegoma transoceanic
  • A man aged 49 died while bathing in Entremares beach in La Manga (19/08/2012)

  • The City Council calls Cartagena little rigorous and credible study of the OCU on security in the cities (17/08/2012)
    The City will consider legal action against OCU
  • A popular marathon preludiará parties Llano del Beal (17/08/2012)
    From 31 to September 9 celebrations are celebrated in such Deputation
  • The food gathers in the festivities of the ports of Santa Barbara Down (17/08/2012)
    From 24 August to 2 September, residents will taste dishes like flowers with milk, fried eggs, crumbs or michirones
  • Cut to one lane on Avenida Juan Carlos I (17/08/2012)
    Between 20 August and 14 September at the height of the car dealers to carry out development works
  • City employees will work 37 hours per week and a half from September 15 (17/08/2012)
    The Board of Governors approves the new schedule set by the National Government, expanding its fixed-time half hour every day from Monday to Thursday
  • Mariano Garcia denies that Cartagena is one of the most unsafe cities in Spain (17/08/2012)
    To the mayor objective data show the opposite and said that if you ask to be displayed Cartagena surprised by this assessment
  • The parties to the Tower of Nicolas Perez tear tonight (17/08/2012)
    At midnight the cry act the IMAS general manager, Fernando Mateo Asensio
  • Summer Nights at the Roman Forum Quarter (17/08/2012)
    Cartagena Port of Cultures is continuing its tours on Saturday night in August to see the city rediscovered.
  • Education uses the summer to condition 21 infant and primary schools (16/08/2012)
    The City has invested some 600,000 euros in improving infrastructure in municipal schools, the works will be completed in the early going
  • The City Council 1500 palm pruning to prevent leaf drop and dates to the street (16/08/2012)
    Work is being carried out since last June to avoid making special recruitment hours
  • A Catalan magazine includes Victor Beltrí in the European Route of Modernism (16/08/2012)
    Modernist architect devote an article to celebrate the 150th anniversary of his birth
  • The Governing Board meets on Friday at the Palace Hall (16/08/2012)
    will address the new schedule of public employees and approval of public rates for citizens to conduct approved courses in the ESPAC
  • IU-Green calls for solutions to the Mar Menor and especially to the beach of Los Urrutias (16/08/2012)

  • Death of Peter Socialist exconcejal Fructuoso (16/08/2012)
    area was responsible for the Economic and Finance in the city of Cartagena between 1984 and 1987
  • A 41 year old man has died while snorkeling in Cabo de Palos (14/08/2012)

  • XIX National Song Festival Spanish (14/08/2012)
    El Molino Derribao hosts another edition of this event will be held on 17 and 18 August as part of the festivities of the town
  • I Cruise to Cabo de Palos Swim (14/08/2012)
    Wednesday held sporting event in which participants will travel the 3,000 nadadroes ranging from the coastal port to the Levante Beach
  • Canteras honors its older neighbor (14/08/2012)
    Residents named to Ana Maria Cañavate Diaz, 94, patron of the club over
  • The City collects more revenue in the period of voluntary IBI (13/08/2012)
    Total has posted 41.5 million euros, around 85 percent of voters of this tax, a figure that reflects, with respect to 2011, which this year most taxpayers who have been complied with its obligations
  • The evening concerts at Fort Christmas, just this Friday (13/08/2012)
    To the sound of the Seas Entertainment closes the cycle of day 17 with a music concert transoceanic
  • The Dream Thomson who doubles this summer in Cartagena (10/08/2012)
    The cruise stops off again this morning in the port city with 1,132 tourists on board
  • Alums celebrate their festivals in honor of the Virgin and San Roque (10/08/2012)
    The celebrations will open tomorrow, Saturday and culminate on August 16 with a firework display
  • Forest Fire Brigade and fire off at dawn in Cabo Tiñoso (10/08/2012)
    After six hours they put out the fire, whose cause is still under investigation, which affected one hectare of scrubland between the battery and Cala Salitrona Castillitos
  • PSOE, "Barreiro asked knowing that the Cartagena impossible descolgaría of the High Speed" (09/08/2012)

  • Calblanque Rescuers recover from their injuries (09/08/2012)
    They took the water to two men who were struggling to emerge from the sea, one of whom died and two rescuers suffered contusions and bruises
  • Mirror notes that "the PP has done in eight months what the Socialist Party refused to do for eight years" (09/08/2012)
    Francisco Espejo said that the publication of informative study of the Murcia-Cartagena Ave is a demonstration of political commitment of the Government of Rajoy infrastructure in the Region
  • Development brings the study of public information between Murcia and Cartagena AVE (09/08/2012)

  • Firefighters stifle a brush fire in the Barranco del Ugly (09/08/2012)
    The fire, which started last night at 21.06 hours calcined 2.5 hectares of forest
  • The Volvo Open 70 Telefonica shines in Cartagena (08/08/2012)
    The Spanish ship, a participant in one of the most important races in the world, has docked this morning at the Yacht Club where he has honored one of its crew, the Carthaginian sailor Diego Fruitful
  • Children's Home for Children spend the summer in La Manga (08/08/2012)
    The Minister for Health and Social Care Councillor, visited the facilities in which fourteen children aged 0 to 6 years, enjoyed during the months of July and August as the rest of kids his age
  • Trovalia brings together two thousand fans of improvised poetry (08/08/2012)
    The festival was held last weekend at the Town Hall and Isla Plana
  • Carts and horses back to spruce in the Pilgrimage of San Ginés (08/08/2012)
    The Brotherhood of Romeros have developed the traditional event to be held on Saturday August 18 from early in the morning, gathering this year pilgrims from beyond the Region
  • Rescued three people who had been cut in the rocks on the beach Galua (07/08/2012)
    Rescued three people who had been isolated in an area of ​​rocks on the beach Galua, municipality of Cartagena
  • UPyD finds unfavorable outcomes for the environment of techno music in the nursery, and urges its immediate cleanup (07/08/2012)
    Fulgencio Aegean confirms the worst prognosis could be done on 25 July where we explained that we were against, not by the festival But if your location
  • The Volvo Open 70 Telefonica stops in Cartagena (07/08/2012)
    The Spanish ship will remain docked Wednesday at the Yacht Club, where Cartagena Diego Fructuoso will be named Honorary Member in a ceremony will be attended by the Councillor for Tourism
  • The Azohía celebrates its patron saint (07/08/2012)
    The Neighborhood Association has organized children's games, performances and a procession of boats for the holidays starting on Thursday and will last until August 15
  • Mark and Octavia Neighborhood return to the Roman Forum (07/08/2012)
    The route has organized Cartagena Port of Cultures will be held every Friday in August
  • Closed signing Aramaki (07/08/2012)
    In a week that seems key, Taro Aramaki protagonist becomes the second signing to be confirmed by Futsal Cartagena.
  • Summer modernist in the Muram (06/08/2012)
    The museum has organized various cultural activities for children until 25 August
  • Futsal Cartagena on the lookout for young talent (06/08/2012)
    start screening tests to be drawn with the youth team of Futsal Cartagena.
  • The First Voyage to Cabo de Palos Swim will take place on August 15 (06/08/2012)

  • The ESPAC receive accreditation to teach courses External Defibrillator (06/08/2012)
    With this measure, the City of Cartagena will improve the safety of citizens, as they have teams in various buildings DEA dependent on it and trained personnel for use
  • The Bandegoma put the full poster at Fort Christmas (06/08/2012)
    Friday The group gave the first concert of The Son of the Seas, including the summer program in Port of Cultures
  • Even the last places available for the trip to Aqualandia of T-La (06/08/2012)
    The Youth Council has organized for this Sunday to visit the water park located in Benidorm
  • Salvage rescues the 10 occupants of a boat 14 miles south of Cartagena (03/08/2012)
    The rescued are in apparent good health
  • More than 50 students in VET and universities do Murcia practices Repsol (03/08/2012)
    26 college practices are doing this summer at the Repsol Escombreras Industrial Complex
  • Menchón Francisco: "I always had as an objective Cartagena" (03/08/2012)
    Futsal Cartagena
  • Representation of Little Red Riding Hood at the Apollo Theater in El Algar (03/08/2012)
    The performance will be Saturday August 4th at 21 am
  • Decreases the presence of gulls in the city (03/08/2012)
    The campaign to control these birds has slowed this year the possible evolution and reproduction of 210 adult
  • Social Services advised the elderly not to open the door to strangers (03/08/2012)

  • XIII Open futvoley Cartagena de La Manga (03/08/2012)
    free Classes will be held on Friday from 16 to 21 hours on the beach of Cavanna
  • The Roman Theatre extends its opening hours in August (03/08/2012)
    This measure will take effect on 5, 26, 13 and 15 this month
  • The Ballet of St. Petersburg and the China Acrobatic Circus in August in El Batel (03/08/2012)
    Tickets are on sale, with discounts for youth, unemployed and pensioners
  • The summer tourist season begins to pick (02/08/2012)
    Tourism Councillor claimed that the data deck Port of Cultures show an increase in visits during the month of July, a trend that is expected to hold in August
  • Celtic Frost, The Valdi Dj Pescao and act in the great concert of Carthaginians and Romans (02/08/2012)
    Organizers hope to attend more than ten thousand people to the event to be held on September 27 and that for the first time be held under cover to avoid to be suspended in case of rain
  • Low unemployment in Cartagena in July for the fourth consecutive month (02/08/2012)
    A total of 499 people found jobs, of which 70% are young people
  • The Socialist Party calls for the City guarantees for the festival Technosys not cause environmental damage in the protected area of ​​the nursery (02/08/2012)

  • The Youth Festival will go to Isla Plana The Inhuman Tó Plagiarism on stage (02/08/2012)
    The concert, held on 10 August, aims to promote the beaches and attractions of this coastal area of ​​Cartagena
  • Bulls star this year the festivity of Perín (02/08/2012)
    The bullfighting run on Sunday and attempt to rise XV donkey's bell will be key events in the program of events in honor of Our Lady of Mercy, to be held from 3 to 15 August
  • Trovalia meet at the Town Hall musicians from four different countries (01/08/2012)
    3rd to August 5th act troubadours of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Panama and Spain
  • Municipal Government and unions agree to implement the new working hours of 37.5 hours of Sept. 15 (01/08/2012)
    Staff proposes that the extension of the day involves extending hours to the public
  • Line 6 bus and ORA also go to daylight saving time (01/08/2012)


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