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Cartagena News - August 2011

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  • Real Cartagena El Pozo Murcia and Lorca support (31/08/2011)
    Real Cartagena El Pozo Murcia 4-7
  • Postponed street asphalting Sighs and Avenida Juan Carlos I Castillitos (31/08/2011)
    Work on paving the approaches to a new supermarket will end on 5, 6 and 7 September and apply cutting traffic in the area
  • Deck for the bridge district of Conception (31/08/2011)
    This morning the pavement was placed on the footbridge linking Pius XII Avenue and Calle Real
  • The summer school work will be completed for the start of the course (31/08/2011)
    Councillor for Education announced the conclusion of the 17 performances he has overseen the City and have been implemented taking advantage of the holiday
  • Begin rehabilitation of the ladder of the Sea Wall (31/08/2011)
    The project, awarded to the Pavasal SA, includes raising the height of the railing to give up and restore the original balustrade designed by Beltrí the early XX
  • Remodeled sports facilities at the Hope EF (31/08/2011)
    Work carried out during the summer have been carried out jointly by the Department of Sports and the club
  • UPCT libraries extend their opening hours from Saturday, September 3 (31/08/2011)

  • Cartagena considered indecent UPyD the plight of the Good Samaritan (30/08/2011)

  • Bartolo: "I come as a scorer and try to meet that expectation" (30/08/2011)

  • Travel to Toledo, Alcala de Henares and Warner Bros Park in Madrid with the program T-La (30/08/2011)
    Open registration period for these visits organized on 23, 24 and September 25, coinciding with the bridge parties Carthaginians and Romans
  • Celtic Woman Concert headlining Amstel Carthaginians and Romans (30/08/2011)
    Another five groups of pop rock, electronic and Latin music, will perform on Friday September 23 at the free event for which 13,000 invitations were distributed, as presented this morning organizers
  • T-La program a trip to Terra Mitica for September 11 (30/08/2011)
    Open registration period with a fee of 25 euros
  • Festival of the Aparecida 2011 (30/08/2011)
    The XXII edition of the Pilgrimage of PASIC, the IV route of the lid, the motoalmuerzo or procession in honor of the Patroness Our Lady of Sorrows, among the scheduled activities
  • The Reale faced with a renewed Oxipharma (29/08/2011)

  • Ficus pruned first by the refurbishment of the Avenue of America (29/08/2011)
    Operators have started to work this morning with the trees closest to the train station, next to Plaza de Mexico
  • The festive camp starts taking shape (29/08/2011)
    This morning they started installing the first troops and legions in the grounds of Benipila
  • Weekend moved to Fire (29/08/2011)
    They attended 27 services during the three days that included traffic accidents, small fires and falling branches
  • The Audi MedCup Cartagena visitors filled and covered the expectations one year (29/08/2011)
    The success of the race at sports has joined the outstanding public response that has come to parallel activities scheduled for the whole family, as the councilor says Festivities, Florentina Garcia
  • The Mar Menor Urbana IV Online Milla gathered 290 athletes of all ages (29/08/2011)
    José Manuel Cortes, the Runtitron-Decathlon, was the absolute winner of the event held on Friday at the port of Cartagena, in the parallel activities of the Audi MedCup
  • The Socialists are in addition to citizen complaints against the total degradation of the Monasterio de San Ginés de la Jara (BIC) (26/08/2011)

  • Serious injury in traffic accident in Crta de la Palma, Cartagena (26/08/2011)

  • Issues pending before the Governing Board for the end of August (26/08/2011)
    Among others, the economic report was the granting of city buses in 2010, which increased traveler from 8 to 10 percent
  • The City of Cartagena Trophy hopes tonight Pignoise (26/08/2011)

  • Zenttric put soundtrack to the Audi MedCup (26/08/2011)
    Hundreds of people enjoyed the concert last night acoustic Biscay group that took to the stage of the Open Village installed on the esplanade of the dock
  • Real Cartagena extended office hours for the delivery of fertilizers (26/08/2011)

  • Begin pruning ficus in the Avenida de America to transfer to the six hundred (26/08/2011)
    The underground parking concessionaire has announced it will begin work on Monday
  • Traditional festivities in Los Puertos de Santa Barbara Down (26/08/2011)
    From August 26 to September 4 will live another year festivities in this population of the west that caters to visitors and neighbors with the varied local cuisine
  • Two months competitions at the Real Club Nautical Week Regatta 2011 (25/08/2011)
    this morning presented the schedule for the months of September and October that will feature major events cruising, sailing, kayaking, fishing and diving others
  • The patrol minesweeper Infanta Elena and Segura, open during the Audi MedCup (25/08/2011)
    two Spanish Navy ships can be visited on Thursday and Friday in the cruise pier
  • Events in the Neighborhood Four Saints (25/08/2011)

  • Calblanque and La Manga, the top 20 beaches in Spain (25/08/2011)
    The online newspaper 20 Minutos elects from among its readers the best beach in the summer of 2011, whose vote will end on September 4
  • Mary of Loreto Lloret, winner of the draw held at the Feria de la Huerta and the Sea of ​​Los Alcazares (25/08/2011)
    receive an overnight stay at the Alfonso XIII, a double entry for the Palco Guest at Grand Parade of Carthaginians and Romans and a credit of Puerto de Culturas
  • Courts traffic Zenttric concerts and Pignoise (25/08/2011)
    It will restrict the entry of vehicles in the street and walk the pier Real Alfonso XII between 20.00 and 23.00 hours on Thursday 25, Friday 26 and Saturday 27
  • UPyD Cartagena criticizes the actions of the Minister Chacón farewell to patrol Infanta Cristina (24/08/2011)

  • How to follow the action of the Trofeo Ciudad de Murcia Cartagena (24/08/2011)

  • Real Cartagena 6-2 Talavera OID (24/08/2011)
    The Reale wasted physical effort with two games in 24 hours
  • The Civil Guard detained five people who were stealing from a company (24/08/2011)
    He recovered all the stolen effects that have been returned to its rightful owner
  • Cruisers and the Med Cup fans encourage port (24/08/2011)
    More than a thousand passengers on the ship this morning Melody have docked at the pier and have joined the visitors these days fill the parallel activities to the race
  • Back impromptu poetry Trovalia 2011 (24/08/2011)
    The VIII International Festival will consist of three galas on 26, 27 and August 28 at the Mill Derribao, Isla Plana, Cartagena
  • Modernism Cartagena spreads internationally (24/08/2011)
    The Coup de FOUET magazine devotes a lengthy report to the route that runs through the main buildings of this architectural style in the city
  • AJE Cartagena creates a unique advanced services department in the county (24/08/2011)
    Young entrepreneurs are thus subject to new opportunities in areas such as innovation and the market will have access to the various European initiatives and business know how to defend their patents and Brands
  • SPCT requires the Autonomous Community that does not allow housing on the environment Calblanque (24/08/2011)

  • Court of Sighs traffic on the street and Avenida Juan Carlos I (24/08/2011)
    traffic will be interrupted for three days to pave the access entry and exit of a new supermarket
  • The Civil Guard detained three people for stealing iron beams of the structure of a ceramics factory (23/08/2011)
    ​​ In El Algar, Cartagena
  • The 'Formula 1' of the candle is placed within the reach of Cartagena (23/08/2011)
    Fans and visitors have many options these days to follow the action of the Audi Med Cup 2011 race passing through Cartagena
  • The Government delegate visits the new tug Salvage "Sar Mesana," docked at the Port of Cartagena (23/08/2011)
    The Ministry of Transport has allocated 12.6 million euros for the construction of this new ship
  • Inter Movistar 4 to 1 Reale Cartagena (23/08/2011)
    The Reale made his first serious test of season against Inter Movistar
  • Patrolman Infanta Elena Segura and minesweepers can be visited during the Audi Med Cup (23/08/2011)
    two Spanish Navy ships will be open to public on Thursday 25 and Friday 26 August at the cruise ship dock
  • The authorities are practically extinguished the fire Atamaria (22/08/2011)

  • The Atamaria wildfire severity passes 1 (22/08/2011)
    66 people, 24 land vehicles and one helicopter are working today in the control of the last embers
  • Pilgrimage San Ginés de la Jara 2011 (22/08/2011)
    28th anniversary - Saturday 27th August
  • The Pilgrimage of San Ginés de la Jara celebrates its twenty-eighth edition (22/08/2011)
    Saturday August 27 will take place the traditional romera day this year will culminate with a dinner of crumbs for the benefit of Lorca
  • Folklore of Mexico, Russia and Polynesia to dismiss the International Week of the Garden and the Sea of ​​Los Alcazares (22/08/2011)
    cultural samples of these countries joined the Saturday night huertanas rocks at the close of the 40th edition of this event has been invited to as municipality Cartagena
  • Visitors and sailors of the Audi Med Cup berth in Cartagena (22/08/2011)

  • Traffic restrictions on the dock by the Audi Med Cup (22/08/2011)
    Depending on number of visitors to the shows, could be cut in rush hour traffic
  • Isabel Rico wins again the National Song Festival Mill Derribao Spanish (22/08/2011)
    The gala was held last Saturday at the local sports hall crowded public Cartagena
  • UPyD requires an immediate investigation of the 2 gas leaks that have plagued the city, to establish responsibilities and preventive actions (21/08/2011)

  • OC: "Race MedCup ¿Cartagena positive or only a few?" (20/08/2011)

  • RM EQUO asks recovery of areas affected by the burning of natural conditions respects Calblanque (20/08/2011)

  • Continuing the work of extinguishing forest fires in the Sierra de Atamaria (20/08/2011)

  • Carrasco will be on another season Reale (19/08/2011)

  • Laughter Therapy for foreigners in the Teatro Romano (19/08/2011)

  • The Audi Medcup Pignoise brings in concert and Zenttric (18/08/2011)

  • Offering, parades and processions in honor of San Ginés de la Jara (18/08/2011)
    No the opening speech by Juan Ignacio Ferrández bazaar and the traditional bread roll pattern Cartagena
  • Cartagena Volunteers prepare to travel to Europe (18/08/2011)
    These five young people who develop long-term projects, from 9 to 12 months in Portugal, Austria, France and Italy
  • Moi: "Committed to a hundred percent with Reale" (17/08/2011)

  • The Village of Medcup Audi drive is installed in the spring (17/08/2011)
    This site activities will take place parallel to the race, including attractions for all ages, concerts and tracking in 3D Competition
  • Cut alternate lanes on Avenida Juan Carlos I (17/08/2011)
    will occur on Friday and Saturday at the street level because of a Sighs works
  • Journey to swim from the beach Portús to the port of Cartagena (17/08/2011)

  • Continued in August guided tours through the historical benefit of Lorca (17/08/2011)

  • The 2011 Audi Medcup be decided in Cartagena and Barcelona (17/08/2011)
    Each of the three trophies played has had a different winner Quantum Racing, Container and Audi Sailing Team, that within five days will be measured in one of the most demanding stops circuit
  • New gas leak without incident in Castillitos (17/08/2011)
    A shovel working in the vicinity of a new supermarket punctured a pipe this morning, affecting the supply of a nearby group home
  • The Civil Guard surprised two men robbing a house in El Algar (16/08/2011)
    service patrols caught them hiding in the rooms of the house
  • "Moi", new signing of Real Cartagena (16/08/2011)

  • Leaking gas Ramón y Cajal Street (16/08/2011)
    The area was cordoned off after a shovel working on the development works will rub a pipe and caused a rift in the driving
  • The National Police released a kidnapped girl in a house in the hamlet of Los Nietos Cartagena (16/08/2011)
    have been arrested six people responsible for kidnapping and Injuries
  • Popular Cross Mining VII Llano del Beal (16/08/2011)
    is held next weekend in the city of Cartagena with a distance of 5 km on dirt roads adjacent to an original circuit bumpy
  • The SIVE detects a boat on the southern coast of Calblanque (15/08/2011)
    It traveled 12 men who were assisted by Red Cross and made available to the National Police
  • One person has died on the beach of Villas Caravanin in the municipality of Cartagena (14/08/2011)

  • ... (13/08/2011)

  • IV Online Milla Urbana Mar Menor (Audi MedCup) (13/08/2011)
    Framed within the side event of the Audi MedCup will be held on August 26 at 19:30 in circuit attached to the Puerto Deportivo de Cartagena.
  • The PCAN claim "absolute contempt for the Popular Party to the Cartagena area by closing the airport of San Javier" (12/08/2011)

  • The palace hall receives 170 young Slovenes on the way to World Youth Day (12/08/2011)

  • 1,200 tourists come to Cartagena aboard AIDAvita (12/08/2011)
    The German cruiser, a regular at our port, will stop in the city throughout the morning, allowing passengers to shop and visit our most popular resorts
  • La Cueva Victoria will receive 300 visitors to your open house (12/08/2011)
    is celebrated on Saturday morning and afternoon, in groups of 20 people who have prior appointment with the Office of Tourism of the City of Cartagena
  • Profile of preseason Reale (11/08/2011)

  • The Cartagonova, ready for the 40th Trofeo Carabela de Plata (11/08/2011)
    Municipal Stadium opens new facility today to press room and mixed zone and you're all ready for tonight's match between FC Cartagena and Almería UD
  • XVIII National Song Festival Mill Derribao Spanish (11/08/2011)
    The organizers of the event to be held on 19 and August 20 have prepared a charity gala in aid of Lorca to be held Saturday
  • 400 new human fossil and two pieces are added to the collection of the excavations at Cueva Victoria (10/08/2011)
    On Saturday August 13 there will be an open house in addition to the site can be visited year-end
  • IV Memorial Pagan Gines (09/08/2011)
    Sporting Event, which will be Saturday August 13 at the facilities Gomez Meseguer, meet in a triangular three youth football teams Cartagena
  • Alumbres at parties (09/08/2011)
    11 to August 16 celebrate the festival in honor of San Roque and Our Lady with an extensive program of activities
  • Retention of traffic signaling Street Peroniño (09/08/2011)
    To crown the renovation of the avenue, through Wednesday will be held the painting of road markings, which could affect the movement of vehicles
  • Nacho signing for Real Cartagena for the next three seasons (09/08/2011)
    "Being in the best league is a challenge for me"
  • Professors UPCT prepare for the meeting with the Pope (09/08/2011)

  • Roberto Hernandez and Joaquin Sanchez Open champions futvoley XII (08/08/2011)
    An exciting final and closed the show matched Trophy City of Cartagena, end of XIX Circuit futvoley 2011, held this weekend at the beach Cavanna
  • The Roman Theatre in Cartagena extends its opening days in August (08/08/2011)
    The site opens its doors Monday from 10.00 to 14.00 hours and will do so on the bridge of the Our Lady of August 15 throughout Day
  • UPyD Cartagena SABIC congratulated for the investment in new plant additive (06/08/2011)
    and the commitment taken security to the citizens of the Region of Murcia.
  • The IMSEL start a campaign for the voluntary withdrawal of the boats moored in the Cavanna (05/08/2011)

  • Traffic Court in the district of Santa Lucia for infrastructure improvement works (05/08/2011)
    As reported by the Municipal Traffic Bureau, this court, which affect the Old Bridge Street and Constitution Square, will begin on Monday and stay until Friday
  • Eighteen couples competing in the Qualifying Open futvoley XII (05/08/2011)
    About 60 people participated yesterday in the introductory courses prior to the Tournament of Cartagena on the beach Cavanna La Manga
  • Salvador Marín Francisco Jodar and run by Lorca in the Cross of Cape Palos (04/08/2011)
    Proof charity that takes place on Saturday August 6 and more than 1,000 participants
  • Iberdrola starts in Cartagena implementation of meters and smart grid (04/08/2011)
    Those responsible for the power company has today held a meeting with the Councillor for Infrastructure, which have exposed the activities carried out from September
  • The Civil Guard surprised two people making an exchange of drugs in Playa Honda (04/08/2011)
    Two men have been arrested as alleged perpetrators of a crime of drug trafficking
  • End of period to pay property tax (04/08/2011)
    The last day of term volunteer is Friday August 5, may be paid in bank branches, ATMs and services tax Hall Online
  • Chain Dial Melee brings you concert on Friday 5 August in Cabo de Palos (03/08/2011)

  • The Reale continues to strengthen (03/08/2011)
    With Jaison and Lomba and are seven new additions to the group that is rejuvenated Cartagena
  • Campillo de Adentro celebrates festivals (03/08/2011)

  • The neighborhood of Los Dolores premiere lighting (03/08/2011)
    The City Council has installed a total of 69 points of light spread over several streets in the neighborhood, which will come into operation on Thursday at sunset
  • XII futvoley Open City Cartagena (03/08/2011)
    The Beach Cavanna in La Manga return to host from 5 to August 7 this sporting event is the fifth Test and the XIX Headquarters Tour Final 2011 national futvoley
  • Decrease youth unemployment a 3.63 per cent in Cartagena in the last month (03/08/2011)
    According to Councilman Job, this downward trend in unemployment confirms the commitment to tourism that is taking place since the City
  • Firefighters put out a fire in a garage in the neighborhood Jose Maria Lapuerta (02/08/2011)
    The troops evacuated yesterday afternoon in the three buildings that belonged to the basement, affected by smoke
  • Summer holidays 2011 in The Azohía (02/08/2011)
    Competitions, children's games, live music and dancing, and days devoted to the young, the Women's Association and the Association of the elderly make up the festive program of 5 to 15 August
  • Culture and cuisine coexist in the 40th International Week of Huerta and the Sea of ​​Los Alcazares (02/08/2011)
    Cartagena this year the city is invited to the event to be held from 12 to 20 August with 38 participants from folklore groups, choir and dance Region and eight foreign countries
  • Cartagena has established itself as seat of the Audi MedCup (02/08/2011)

  • Invite Lorca run in Cape Palos (02/08/2011)
    About 1,500 runners participated Saturday in the Cross of charitable organized for the third consecutive year the Athletics Club La Manga with the assistance of the City of Cartagena, among others
  • Cartagena, invited to the International Week of Huerta and the Sea of ​​Los Alcazares (01/08/2011)
    The details of the festival will be announced to the media Tuesday at the Palace Hall
  • Wanda Jackson opens XXXI Cartagena Jazz Festival on November 5 (01/08/2011)
    The complete schedule will be announced in September but have been put forward names like Pat Metheny, Fleet Foxes and Ryuichi Sakamoto to add to a poster over fifteen formations
  • Firefighters involved in four fires and two traffic accidents during the weekend (01/08/2011)
    controlled effects caused a fire in a truck parked in San Felix and rescued two youths who had been detained at the foot of Mount Roland, among other Interventions
  • Full approves municipal budgets for 2011 (01/08/2011)

  • "Jaison" booster luxury for Real Cartagena (01/08/2011)

  • Changes in the schedules of buses in summer (01/08/2011)
    1 to August 31 the new schedule will work in some of the lines crossing the city
  • The origin Portús sailor rescues its festivals 2011 (01/08/2011)
    5 to August 14, residents enjoy a program of festivities including games, competitions, championships and II Environmental Day concerned about the impact of coastal settlements
  • The Audi Med Cup returns to Cartagena (01/08/2011)
    Tuesday will be presented at the Palace Hall the Region of Murcia Trophy Regatta City of Cartagena, a stretch of the circuit water is held in Cartagena

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