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Cartagena News - July 2011

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  • UPyD-Cartagena denounces the double standards of the government team in the settlement infrastructure in Los Urrutias (30/07/2011)

  • The ALDE launches a special program to guide the self-employment (29/07/2011)
    Until 31 March next year will offer some 1,000 unemployed individual tutoring, counseling for self-employment initiatives and workshops on work motivation and job search
  • Cartagena waiting on August 4th with more than 4,200 cruise tourists (29/07/2011)
    The Costa Marina ship reached port this morning with 700 passengers closed visits in July
  • The first phase of the Way of Syphon conditioning will run next year (29/07/2011)
    local government's board today approved the proposed expropriation of land to carry out these works, which include removing the old way of the railway line and the construction of two roundabouts
  • Extending the Tourist Information Service Cartagena (29/07/2011)
    On August 1, the service office of the Gates of San Jose moved to a new location in the Punic Wall
  • Two Weeks of Festivities in Perín (29/07/2011)

  • Last days to pay the IBI (29/07/2011)
    The voluntary term ends on Friday August 5, may be paid in bank branches, ATMs and services tax Hall Online
  • The full Council meets to approve the Budget (29/07/2011)
    Monday regular meeting held in the Plenary Hall of the Palace Hall, which also will discuss the motions, requests and questions submitted by local groups
  • Ignacio Caviglia joins Real Cartagena (28/07/2011)

  • The Governing Board will consider the expropriation of land for road works Siphon (28/07/2011)
    This will be one of the issues facing the board at the meeting will be held Friday at the Palace Hall and will inform the spokesperson in a press conference after
  • Arrested for trying to steal threatening with a knife (28/07/2011)
    Local Police surprised the alleged robber who had intimidated a man tried to rob two women at a bus stop in La Manga
  • The exhibition The Art Sea remain open during the month of August (28/07/2011)
    One can still visit samples Nino Migliori, Pesce Khet, Botto e Bruno, Gabrielle Basilico and Canelonia
  • The City improved urban services in Los Urrutias (28/07/2011)
    In addition to the installation of street lights in several streets, paved and has also been signaling a new stretch of Avenida Virgen del Mar
  • Space Education to 4,000 unemployed young people who want to go back to school (28/07/2011)
    This site developed by the Youth Council also advised last year to 22% of foreigners coming from Morocco, Latin America and Eastern Europe who wanted to standardize their Titles
  • UPyD Cartagena denounces the works in the neighborhood as electoral Santiago (27/07/2011)
    "The council ignored the proposal of the Association of Neighbors"
  • Expanding the cruise terminal will allow two boats docked at a time in the Port (27/07/2011)
    Mayor accompanied the Minister of Public Works and Port Authority president in the inauguration of the expansion, which took place this morning at the Port
  • Students Course Chef shows his skills with a special farewell menu (27/07/2011)
    The 17 course participants received their diplomas this morning in the building of La Milagrosa, an act which have been used to demonstrate its new culinary arts learned
  • Santa Ana celebrated Patron's Day in style (27/07/2011)
    Many neighbors joined to the image in procession through the streets of the town within the festive events scheduled from 23 to 30 July
  • Six students at the end of the course ADLE relief with employment contract (27/07/2011)
    The fifteen young people who have been trained in the specialty of BLS received their diplomas this morning during a ceremony at the Palace Hall
  • The Finance Committee gives its approval to the 2011 Budget (27/07/2011)
    Councillor for Finance has returned to defend the slogan of this budget process, more savings and less spending, and opposition groups have announced amendments to the whole
  • The film series of the Municipal Archaeological Museum is dismissed with a satire on Nazism (27/07/2011)
    To be or not be, Ernst Lubitsch, puts the finishing touch to the projections of 'This is another story' that has brought together lovers of the seventh art every Thursday in July in the Museum Gardens
  • The first round of the roundabouts in the City of Union will be completed in the coming days (27/07/2011)

  • Course Students receive their diplomas Cook (27/07/2011)
    The event, held this morning in the building of La Milagrosa, attended by the Director of the Municipal Social Services
  • UPyD congratulates the Guardia Civil for the dismantling of the regional network of copper theft (26/07/2011)

  • Mandarache Athletics Club will be in the Aquathlon World Championships, Duathlon and Triathlon (26/07/2011)
    Runners Matthew Guevara and Raul Pesquer go to the sporting events taking place in Beijing and Gijón in September
  • The mayor received the scientific and the town's favorite daughter, María Cascales (26/07/2011)
    Cartagena researcher has shown grateful to the land that saw the birth and is already preparing a lecture offered in November
  • La Mar de Músicas look to Scandinavia in its special 2012 (26/07/2011)
    More than 60,000 people have attended all the activities organized by the festival
  • Planning approves the Special Plans to protect the findings in the Passage Conesa and Plaza San Agustin (26/07/2011)
    The archaeological appeared in the first, but not be visible to visitors, and as to the arches found next to the building of the old Marist belonged to a convent of the XVII century
  • Three arrested for burglary of a young Cape Palos (26/07/2011)
    The incident occurred early Sunday when a local police patrol intercepted the assailants who had chased the girl down the street to reach it and pull the bag
  • The students of the first aid course receive their diplomas ADLE (26/07/2011)
    Councillor for Employment and the Agency Director will attend the ceremony at the Ceremonial Hall of the Palace Hall
  • "Savia young" for Real Cartagena (25/07/2011)

  • Social Care Councillor defends maintenance of social programs in the 2011 budget (25/07/2011)

  • The Municipal Archaeological Museum uncovers the city rediscovered in the windlass (25/07/2011)
    The exhibition showcases over Arx Hasdrubalis hundred pieces found in excavations of the hill next to virtual recreations and models to understand the site
  • Car sharing is almost double the number of visits in the last month (25/07/2011)
    Other local initiative, sharing parking, has also raised the number of visitors, to 159, ranking second behind Santander, in the list of 18 cities with This service
  • Traffic Court three-hour round the works in the City of Union (25/07/2011)
    will be on Tuesday, between 3 and 6 pm and will be closed all four lanes of this pathway in the section between Avenida de Murcia Street and Citadel
  • El Palacio Aguirre to view all (25/07/2011)
    Under this slogan, MURAM opens its doors this summer to offer free guided tours that highlight the eclectic interior modernist building
  • The builders seeking the conversion of real estate (22/07/2011)
    The president of the Regional Federation of Employers of the Construction, Miguel Mengual, has moved to the first local authority the main proposals and demands of the sector
  • The Cartagena Film Festival will offer a retrospective on its fortieth anniversary (22/07/2011)
    The new president, Francisco Solana, has held a meeting this morning with the mayor of protocol at the Palace Hall
  • Less spending and more saving, in a budget that does not neglect social policy (22/07/2011)

  • Cyndi Lauper tonight starts his European tour selling out in La Mar de Músicas (22/07/2011)
    The penultimate day of the festival live this afternoon a large party at the Town Hall and later Lauper concert with the great lady of soul Mavis Staples Park Towers
  • Pilar Barreiro SPCT requires that the face and meet the residents of New Cartagena (22/07/2011)

  • More than 250 people benefit from bathing spots adapted from our beaches (21/07/2011)
    Two of the six modules fixed on the beaches of Caravaning and La Gola, are staffed by trained volunteers from Red Cross to assist them with amphibious chairs, crutches , floats and buoys support
  • Home Mediterranean becomes the center of Cartagena in a typical festival in a village in southern Italy (21/07/2011)

  • Buses to the new hospital will today users at the entrances to parking (21/07/2011)
    GISCARMSA As reported, no access to the front door of the center due to the paving work being done in the parking area and resumed tomorrow Friday the usual route
  • Traditional festivities in Sumiedo-Tallante Corner (21/07/2011)
    23 to July 25, residents will enjoy the program of activities which includes lots of food, music, dancing, raffles and culminates on Monday with the traditional procession of St. James
  • Religious acts in honor of Santiago Apostle in St. Lucia (21/07/2011)
    22 to July 25, the parish church of Santa Lucia is dressed up to honor his patron, culminating events culminate on Monday with the traditional Solemn Eucharist and Procession Maritime
  • Ludovico Einaudi and the Murcia Symphony land at La Mar de Músicas (21/07/2011)
    act tonight at the Auditorium of the Park Towers, while in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, the sound will be heard Creole Caribbean The Choir of Cuba
  • The ambassador of Afghanistan in the Palace Hall (21/07/2011)
    Masood Khalili, who was in Cartagena to close the course of Intelligence and Security Services International UPCT, was received by the first deputy mayor and signed the Golden Book City
  • The T-La offers a parasailing along the Mar Menor (21/07/2011)
    Parasailing Under the name of the program of the Youth Council, hosts one of the most exciting summer activities
  • The bridge district of Concepcion is now open to traffic (20/07/2011)
    Operators working in the remodeling of this infrastructure today and tomorrow welded parts that make up the arch, the towers will be removed Friday and next week and may see his silhouette in the air
  • Welcome to the Embassy of Afghanistan in the Palace Hall (20/07/2011)
    Masood Khalili is located in the city to close the course of Intelligence and Security Services International, UPCT, and will be received this afternoon by the deputy mayor, Joaquín Segado
  • Only four breath tests positive on the campaign in July of the Local Police (20/07/2011)
    The tests, carried out by agents of the municipality on the road last week, exceeded 1,000, and the positive two offense incurred exceed the rate of 0.60
  • The Municipal Archaeological Museum planned German-French comedy La Kermesse Eroica (20/07/2011)
    is set in the Spanish rule in Flanders and is the third projection of the cinema that's another story scheduled by the Department of Culture on Thursday night this month
  • Activities La Mar de Músicas July 21 (20/07/2011)

  • City Hall and the Red Cross drive two new bathing spots on the beaches adapted (20/07/2011)
    beach are located in the Loma del Castillo, near the Camping Caravaning and La Gola, next to Hotel Cavanna in La Manga, and are formally presented on Thursday
  • More than 800 British tourists arriving in port on board the Boudicca (19/07/2011)

  • La Mar de Letras presents the award-winning novel by Michela Murgia, soon to be on the big screen (19/07/2011)
    She has won critical and popular Italian Finisher, a work that depicts the profile of a woman who makes the last trance of the dying, a character who will play in the film actress Molina Angeles
  • New pop Catalan and fado, now La Mar de Músicas (19/07/2011)
    group Antiochus ² nia Font Spaniard and Portuguese Ana Moura, will be responsible for your enjoyment at the Town Hall Square and the Old Cathedral
  • Skip arrested after a breathalyser test and fled (19/07/2011)
    The man, an old acquaintance of the police, driving without a license for El Algar and uninsured car he was discharged, and resisted the officers during his arrest
  • The beach of San Ginés another summer wears the blue flag and the quality Q (19/07/2011)
    The distinctive waves and beaches in the six recognized this summer by the European Federation of Environmental Education
  • The writer Michela Murgia, La Mar de Letras (18/07/2011)
    will be in Cartagena on Tuesday and will meet with the media at the Palace Hall
  • Tourism, chemical industry and research proposals to account for job creation (18/07/2011)
    The Minister of Education, Training and Employment, and the mayors of Cartagena, La Unión and supplies to lick this morning presented the results of socio-economic sectors emerging from the Region
  • Begin siting of the arch bridge Barrio de la Concepción (18/07/2011)

  • SPCT report flooding problems at the cemetery in Pozo Estrecho (18/07/2011)

  • The Grand aquiline winners IV Liriano Beach Soccer Tournament Bluesport (18/07/2011)
    Nearly a thousand people in public, among onlookers and fans came on Sunday to watch the championship on the beach of the urbanization Tesy II La Manga
  • He kicks the supermarket employee who tried to steal and runs away (18/07/2011)
    The man, who was eventually arrested by local police, tried to take without paying a basket of toiletries worth 673 euros
  • The mayor delivered to the Little Sisters of the Poor 20,750 euros of its annual grant (18/07/2011)
    Pilar Barreiro received this morning a performance of the nuns, Mother Provincial with his head on a tour which also featured the Councillor for Social Care
  • True and fishermen accompanied the Virgen del Carmen in the sea procession (18/07/2011)
    After Mass, the image of the Virgin left on Saturday from the church of St. James and toured by boat the harbor basin
  • The new image Plaza Bohemia (15/07/2011)
    Starting today, residents of La Manga can now enjoy this renovated space that has benches and planters such as those placed in the Calle del Carmen, as well as new fixtures
  • Cala Cortina, Cala del Pino Beach Honda complete hoisting blue flags on our beaches (15/07/2011)
    The hallmark of the European Federation of Environmental Education has awarded a total of six bays of the coast, who have also obtained the recognition of Q Quality
  • Cut traffic by placing the arch of the bridge Barrio de la Concepción (15/07/2011)
    Due to the work of transportation, assembly and placement of the pieces on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week it will cut the traffic in the bridge from first hour to eight pm
  • The main course celebrate the end of the Summer School (15/07/2011)
    Social Care Councillor today attended the closing event in the building of La Milagrosa accompanying students who have participated in program activities during the first half of July
  • Days to analyze employment and emerging economic sectors of Campo de Cartagena (15/07/2011)
    The Minister of Education, Training and Employment, and the Mayor of Cartagena, inaugurated the day is celebrated on Monday July 18 at the Faculty of Science Enterprise UPCT
  • The Governing Board initially approved the development of future public park Ensanche (15/07/2011)
    A company will invest 1.4 million euros in the urbanization of the surroundings of the Green Zone, a project that will have oversight of municipal technicians
  • The Fishermen's Association celebrated the feast of Carmen (15/07/2011)
    Following the seafaring tradition, the virgin tour the harbor basin Saturday accompanied by faithful boat and fishing
  • Diver-art for kids in MURAM (15/07/2011)
    The museum has organized this summer a summer school free to enjoy with activities, from Tuesday to Saturday, from modern art
  • The Minister of Presidency attends Course IX Proceedings of Water Environment Emergencies (14/07/2011)

  • Fiestas de Miranda 2011 (14/07/2011)
    15 to July 25 neighbors enjoy sports tournaments, picnic, bicycle, paella contest and crumbs, and days devoted to the child, housewives and the elderly
  • Travel in Italy without time, Pedro Luis Ladrón de Guevara, in the Palace Pedreño (14/07/2011)
    From today until July 29 the exhibition will be open Literary cities, including La Mar de Letras, which is dedicated to the 150th anniversary the unification of the Italian Republic
  • Cala Cortina, Cala del Pino and hoisted their flag beach blue Honda (14/07/2011)
    Councillors Infrastructure, Tourism and Decentralization chair on Friday the act of lifting on these beaches, also recognized the quality Q
  • Arrested in Aljorra two individuals driving a stolen car (14/07/2011)
    The Local Police got trapped after a car chase and foot, through the collaboration of two citizens
  • The Local Police will monitor this summer mutual respect between cars and cyclists (14/07/2011)

  • Ten tips for safe travel this summer (14/07/2011)
    The magazine 'Miss
  • Visitors were not born yesterday!, Tonight at the Municipal Archaeological Museum (14/07/2011)
    The French film is included in the film series that's another story, which takes place July night in the museum garden
  • Antonella Elisa Biagini Anedda and La Mar de Letras (14/07/2011)
    Italian women writers offer a poetry reading this afternoon 'Voci alla Luna', and the interview 'Versetto but Versetto', the director of Radio 3 Lara López
  • I open day Association of Commercial Agents of Cartagena (13/07/2011)

  • UPyD joins criticism of mismanagement in the delivery to City Hall Auditorium (13/07/2011)

  • Pesce Khet shows contemporary art from the Alps to Carthage (13/07/2011)
    The Roman artist this morning his work exhibited at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy until 31 August
  • Clash of Civilizations in The Sea Art (13/07/2011)

  • The City Council reaffirms its support in Almeria Mediterranean Corridor (13/07/2011)
    Councillor for Infrastructure has participated in the act of protest that was held today in the Andalusian city, organized by FERRMED and the presence of the Chamber of Commerce and the Port Authority
  • Reale sponsors for the third consecutive year Futsal Cartagena (13/07/2011)
    Although the times of crisis, the company has renewed its commitment to the football club room and announced its intention to continue this partnership in the future
  • Clubs Over Cartagena, Lorca also (13/07/2011)
    In collaboration with the Municipal Social Services, has raised $ 10,000 to repair damage caused by the earthquake
  • Duquende, Chichuelo, Silvia Perez and Rafaela Carrasco honoring Shrimp (13/07/2011)
    The show tonight has been moved to Auditorio Parque Torres, and act the Town Hall Square, also with La Mar de Músicas, Nini D'Arac Italians
  • The Town Hall Square is filled with dulce de Las Migas flamenco (13/07/2011)
    large audience enjoyed the afternoon yesterday with the sound mixing of these four girls from places as disparate as Catalonia, Seville, France and Berlin
  • Activities sea of ​​music July 13, 2011 (12/07/2011)

  • UPyD requests the City Council to ensure free parking at the Hospital Santa Lucía de Cartagena (12/07/2011)

  • The Palace Hall opens to the architecture photo Gabrielle Basilico (12/07/2011)
    Within the Festival La Mar de Arte, the Italian artist shows up on August 31, his work 'City', which reflects a positive view of aesthetics and beauty of Beirut , Monaco Moscow, as seen from the sky
  • Continuity and collaboration between City Hall and Cabezo Beaza (12/07/2011)
    The mayor has received this morning the new board of the Industrial Park, which has among its main concerns the continuation of employment and training agreements with the ADLE
  • This was later opened to traffic the last stretch of Juan Fernandez (12/07/2011)
    Behind the fine works that make the refurbishment of the street first thing will be free passage of vehicles on the road section between Trafalgar and Jorge Juan
  • Poetic tour through the suburbs from the goal of Botto and Bruno (12/07/2011)
    The work of the Turin artists included in The Sea of ​​Art, set out in the Byzantine walls until August 31
  • Learning to write with Fabio Geda (12/07/2011)
    The Italian writer offered the keys to build a narrative in the workshop of The Sea Lyrics on board della fiction, to be held on 12 and July 13 at the Palace Molina
  • UPyD denounces the brutal cuts in education, that next year will make the Ministry and the Department (12/07/2011)

  • UPyD housed the mayor to begin budget cuts by the departure of official cars (12/07/2011)

  • New exhibition at the Sea Art (12/07/2011)
    On Wednesday, July 13, presented to the media collective exposures LSC (La Strategia Corporate), 'Eros or Barbarism' and 'paints and paper, "Pesce Khet
  • The concert Shrimp, the legend of the time, change of scene and time (12/07/2011)

  • Activities La Mar de Músicas 12 July 2011 (11/07/2011)

  • Cala Cortina and Calblanque will look at five million coupons ONCE (11/07/2011)
    14 and July 21 the image of these stamps illustrate coves ONCE daily, in a series on the beaches of the Region
  • The City Council and the Bar Association renewed its commitment to domestic violence (11/07/2011)
    The mayor and the dean of the College today signed an agreement with that for nine years, both institutions collaborate for counseling women who are victims of gender violence in the city
  • The Crystal Sea lifeguards rescue a 70 year old man (11/07/2011)
    had stumbled when it enters the water and was submerged head
  • Italian neorealism from the perspective of Nino Migliori (11/07/2011)
    The Palace Molina hosts until August 31 the exhibition of Italian artist octogenarian, included in The Sea of ​​Art, which displays popular sixty photographs the essence of the central and southern Italy
  • Dancing and fun for artists of the future in the Colonies Musical (11/07/2011)
    Councillor for Education this morning visited the school activities Isidore and St. Florentina, one of thirteen centers developed by the summer program involving 500 children the municipality
  • More exhibitions and workshops in La Mar de Músicas (11/07/2011)
    On Tuesday, the media are those of Botto e Bruno and Gabrielle Basilico, next to the shop narrative Fabio Geda
  • The Secretary General of Universities, Business and Research inaugurated a course in UPCT (11/07/2011)

  • Eight medals, six gold and two records for swimmers in the Region Championship in Spain (11/07/2011)
    More than 1,600 people packed the bleachers of the pool Polideportivo Santa Ana to see the national swimming event and Adapted Child held by self-selection This weekend
  • IV Bluesport Beach Soccer Tournament 2011 (11/07/2011)
    eight teams will participate in this summer competition to be held on the beach the Urbanización Tesy II La Manga del Mar Menor
  • Nearly half a million people have visited the Teatro Romano, after three years of opening (11/07/2011)
    The site and its museum opened on July 11, 2008, since become the benchmark of cultural tourism in the Region
  • Activities La Mar de Músicas 11 July 2011 (10/07/2011)

  • Jesus Garcia, the first reinforcement of Real Cartagena (08/07/2011)

  • Open day in the Colonies and music Summer Schools (08/07/2011)
    Councillor for Education will tour explanatory media workshops in schools and St. Florentina St. Isidore, and college Mastia
  • LOVE mayor moved to the views of the military community (08/07/2011)
    Pilar Barreiro held a meeting this morning at the Palace Hall with the president and CEO of the association which brings together more than 300 partners in Cartagena
  • The Hospital bus route continues to the Paseo de Alfonso XIII (08/07/2011)
    Starting Monday, the exit will take place every 15 minutes from the junction of Angeles Bruna
  • Healthy Students Employment ADLE end of their work in the Parque Torres (08/07/2011)
    After setting up the auditorium for the Festival La Mar de Músicas which begins tonight, the workshop participants return to their tasks Occupational adequacy Stadium Municipal Cartagonova
  • A new vision of the House of Fortune becomes Image Ten (08/07/2011)
    Mayor today delivered the prizes to the winners of the Photography Competition organized by the Cartagena Port of Cultures, which this year celebrates its tenth anniversary
  • II Crossing Solidarity 'Get wet for Multiple Sclerosis " (08/07/2011)
    Proof charity will be on Sunday July 10 in Playa Paraiso to go swim to 1500 meters in waters of the Mar Menor and end with a joint paella on the beach
  • Italian Rhythms inaugurate the Sea of ​​Music (08/07/2011)
    Stewart Copeland, drummer The Police, will pay tribute to Taranta on a night that is filled with the great revelation of Italian music, Nina Zilli
  • Councillor for Women meets with associations to define lines of action (07/07/2011)
    Clara Heredia has been submitted to the 82 groups in the municipality to collate experiences, hear proposals and begin work on new initiatives for next year
  • The strength of Copeland promises open La Mar de Músicas not to stand still (07/07/2011)
    The former drummer of The Police and La Notte della Taranta Italians today unveiled a preview of the inaugural concert tomorrow in Park Towers offer
  • Career counseling programs reach the 8,500 people ADLE (07/07/2011)
    During the first half of the year, the Agency has developed a series of actions to facilitate the employment of unemployed and improve the training of active workers
  • In October, the works will be finished bridge Barrio de la Concepción (07/07/2011)
    Councillor for Infrastructure morning supervised work placement of the pieces that make up the walkway to provide pedestrians crossing from one side to the other bridge
  • Presentation of prizes to the winners of Image Ten of Cartagena Puerto de Culturas (07/07/2011)
    The mayor shall preside over the ceremony to be held Friday at the Reception Room of the Palace Hall
  • The City Council managed to save 9.5 million euros in 2010 with cost containment measures (07/07/2011)
    municipal groups dictate the general account of the council and its autonomous bodies that last year yielded a surplus negative 8.7 million euros
  • The exhibition of Nino Migliori, among the best to see this summer according to El Pais (07/07/2011)

  • The UPCT hosts a conference on the future Internet (07/07/2011)

  • Exhausted all tickets for La Mar de Músicas (06/07/2011)
    have sold a total of 500 to attend the concert in Parque Torres and the Artillery Barracks
  • The T-La opens the registration period for the first summer activities (06/07/2011)
    For the month of July, Youth organized a boat ride along the Mar Menor, on the 13th, and a trip to Algarve, Portugal from 20 to 24 this month
  • Cartagena is hosting this weekend the Championship of Spain Swimming and Adapted Child (06/07/2011)
    500 sportsmen from 18 regions will occupy the city on Thursday 7 to Monday, July 11 and will play the competition in the installation of Club Deportivo Santa Ana
  • The Life of Brian film series opens the summer in the Archaeological Museum (06/07/2011)
    This is Another Story is the title of series of screenings of historical films and humor that will take place every Thursday in July
  • New cuts traffic by the installation of the pedestrian walkway in the neighborhood of La Concepción (06/07/2011)
    Councillor for Infrastructure morning oversee the tasks of the workers on the bridge of Quitapellejos that, due to transport of parts, will remain closed to traffic a Hours
  • The star cannelloni Art La Mar 2011 (06/07/2011)
    Canelonia, involving thirty artists from Cartagena, in addition to exhibitions by Nino Migliori, Gabriele Basilisk, Botto and Bruno Pesce Khet, to a pluralistic view of Italy Art
  • More than 400 international experts in the UPCT analyze how to improve learning in the classroom (06/07/2011)

  • About a thousand people are seeking training in January ADLE (06/07/2011)
    Programs Training Workshops, Training Courses and Workshops Occupational, have been the most popular and some 300 unemployed with them have improved their level of qualification
  • Increase youth consultations layoffs and unpaid debt (06/07/2011)
    Citizenship Youth Space serves 152 people during the first half of the year
  • Local Police deployed its forces to ensure safe holidays (06/07/2011)

  • The PSOE warns shipping to local media and regional press releases false (05/07/2011)
    Under the title "Group press release PSOE La Manga ZM and Costs"
  • Villalba EF San Ginés FC, winners of the Amateur Championship Cartagena (05/07/2011)
    have been raised with the League and Cup, respectively, of the XVI edition of the football tournament yesterday 7 the closing ceremony held at the Stadium Cartagonova
  • They begin to put the new furniture in the square Bohemia (05/07/2011)
    will have benches and planters similar to the street from Carmen Cartagena and will be ready for this weekend
  • The Sea of ​​Music in his pocket to blow click (05/07/2011)
    I-phone systems and phones with Android or Java can access information from the festival
  • The summer learning fun in road safety (05/07/2011)
    Thirty children have started school this morning in the Park Driver Education from tomorrow and put into practice how to ride a bike properly or what to do in case of accident
  • Cartagena led the decline in unemployment in the region of Murcia in June (05/07/2011)
    Unemployment fell by 3.11% in our city, the best figure of June since 2005.
  • 107 vehicles were sanctioned by the radar in June (05/07/2011)
    Local Police checked a total of 3843 vehicles, of which 53% were circulating at a speed not permitted
  • The T-La opens its doors to summer (05/07/2011)
    The program of the Youth Council has organized hundreds of proposals to fill the leisure time of Cartagena during the months of July, August and September
  • End of Course Relief ADLE (04/07/2011)
    Fifteen unemployed students have already completed a month of theoretical and practical training in the specialty of Basic Life Support
  • Fifteen women completed the course of geriatric care in the ADLE (04/07/2011)
    After 150 hours and a month of practices in response to dependent older homes, the students received their diplomas and begin a new stage for job placement
  • Fifty Saharawi children spend the summer in Cartagena (04/07/2011)
    The mayor has given them this morning and a welcome gift at the Palace Hall, where the kids have come accompanied by their host families
  • Routes of solidarity to rediscover the historic and support Lorca (04/07/2011)
    Every Monday in July and August tours are offered from the square to the Palace Hall Bastarreche for a donation that will go entirely to the table integral with the City of the Sun
  • The Sea Film will cover key moments in the history of Italy (04/07/2011)

  • Narrative Workshop with Fabio Geda La Mar de Letras (04/07/2011)
    The Italian writer will offer the contents of the workshop on board Della fiction, in two sessions taking place on 12 and July 13 at the Palace Molina
  • The best wine of the earth opens Folklore Festival of Cartagena (04/07/2011)
    Saturday began the nineteenth edition of the event with a tasting-talk and a musical performance at the home of folklore La Palma
  • JSPCT Barreiro is required to start the hall and congress (03/07/2011)

  • Susana Sanchez says goodbye to Real Cartagena (03/07/2011)

  • The Socialists are calling on councils a tourism policy for La Manga prime quality, business participation and good service (01/07/2011)
    as a means to break the seasonality
  • 95 people and 40 vehicles to keep the beaches this summer point (01/07/2011)
    The device was put into operation on 15 June and will last until September 30, covering the entire coast of Cartagena
  • The blue flag flies and the Path of the 10,000 steps (01/07/2011)
    The mayor has raised the symbolic mark this morning at the esplanade of the lighthouse at Cabo de Palos, a recognition awarded by the European Federation of Educational Environment only twelve towns in Spain
  • Grand Sauces concert in the Municipal Archaeological Museum (01/07/2011)
    More than 400 people filled the garden of the museum to open its summer activities
  • La Mar de Músicas is tuned with students of social and vocational integration (01/07/2011)
    ISOL Association is responsible for coordinating the workshop has already made other improvements in the city and now works in the auditorium of Park Towers
  • Mass Schedule Cartagena, Summer 2011 (01/07/2011)

  • Carnival poster contest announces the 2012 (01/07/2011)
    The topic is free of choice and interpretation, must pick up the carnival spirit as well as a noticeable element of the City of Cartagena
  • Tenders development works in the cruise terminal at the port of Cartagena (01/07/2011)
    With a budget of more than 1.6 million
  • The Government urges Municipal Development and the European Commission to keep the Mediterranean Corridor Project (01/07/2011)
    The mayor has sent letters paths in which he asked not to exclude this section of the Trans-European Network Central
  • Twenty students finish the course of geriatric care delivery (01/07/2011)
    Social Care Council member, Antonio Calderon, presented the diplomas during a ceremony in the halls of La Milagrosa
  • The UPCT hosts a course of self-defense techniques (01/07/2011)
    It is celebrated on 6, 7 and 8 July, in collaboration with the Association of Criminologists of Murcia, and talks given by staff of the local police in Cartagena and NGOs involved
  • The students from the geriatric care of the ALDE receive their diplomas (01/07/2011)
    The event will take place on Monday, July 4 at the Palace Hall, in the presence of Councillor for Employment and director of the Agency
  • Summer fun learning driver education (01/07/2011)


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