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Cartagena News - August 2010

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  • Cartagena UPyD report the outage, which lasts several months, the mill's oil, a symbol that marks the entrance to Los Urrutias (31/08/2010)

  • The City offers 120 courses and employment training for this semester (31/08/2010)
    They cover 11,000 hours teaching to be undertaken over the past six months, coordinated by the various councils, with the aim of improving knowledge of citizens and to alleviate crisis
  • 20 municipal buildings will be interconnected by fiber optics (31/08/2010)
    The City Council is about to complete a network of 15 kilometers, which may also be used by private companies to avoid new construction and eliminate cables facades
  • "Who pays for the € 600,000 spent on the PP the Med Cup?" (31/08/2010)
    Socialist spokeswoman, Charity Rives, denounced the contradictions of the PP when he talks of return to racing
  • Objective: pop "La Bombonera" (30/08/2010)
    Real Cartagena is proposed that the Hall of Guimbarda Wsell regain its former glory
  • The Civil Guard have arrested two people to simulate a robbery at his home (30/08/2010)
    He filed a complaint for theft with violence and intimidation in your home pretending to defraud insurance
  • More light with less consumption and pollution Cartagonova Stadium (30/08/2010)

  • About 15,000 people came daily to the Audi MedCup (30/08/2010)
    Early estimates, pending a final statement, the sports show positive results and in promoting the city
  • A course at the University of the Sea will present the latest advances in treatment of the problems of the spine (30/08/2010)

  • Arrested a driver traveling at 127 kilometers per hour on a track 50 (30/08/2010)
    Local Police also arrested an individual who circulated the early morning against the motorway direction
  • Cartagena UPyD claims that the fire in the farm "La Casa Grande" in Los Urrutias could have been avoided (27/08/2010)
    "if the City Council heard complaints and comply with its obligations"
  • Lozano will dress Blaugrana (27/08/2010)
    Sergio Lozano Martínez, former player far Reale Cartagena has joined the FC Barcelona who runs Marc Carmona
  • Cartagena UPyD doubt that the daily charge recovery of ONP by the City Council has led to improved service for all citizens (27/08/2010)
    The City of Cartagena, far from seeking to optimize their management punishes its citizens and uses such treatment of a tax on parking fines
  • Iberdrola Foundation awarded two scholarships UPCT students for graduate studies in energy and environment (27/08/2010)

  • The information of the Sea of Music had an audience of nearly 106 million people (27/08/2010)
    The impact in terms of encryption promotional advertising is valued at 1,177,000 euros, and surpassed the festival's budget of around one million euros
  • No trace of the old railroad district of Pearl (27/08/2010)
    His conversion to a greenway cyclable progressing as planned with the disappearance of the trench and slope of the path
  • The largest of El Algar given fruits and vegetables to the mayor (27/08/2010)
    With it wished to present the first local authority to develop activities in the leisure garden created near the center of day of the council
  • A drunk driver crashed into a lamppost in Plaza del Ayuntamiento (27/08/2010)
    As told the agents, was pursuing Despit when your dog that had eluded him
  • The journey along the coast of Cartagena ended after 22:30 h swim (26/08/2010)
    is thus successfully completed the first crossing by swimming for the conservation of the coast of Cartagena.
  • Alumbres Neighbours protest against the proposed incinerator (26/08/2010)

  • Cartagena UPyD denounces the lack of cleanliness in many lots of Los Urrutias (26/08/2010)
    has caused, after rain events, a virulent plague of mosquitoes
  • The City Council takes to contest 16 seats in the markets and Santa Florentina Gisbert (26/08/2010)
    may not be awarded to persons or relatives of those already in these establishments regents a municipal
  • The PP PSOE claims the new bus line to facilitate access to college and administrative services (25/08/2010)
    The overcrowding of cars that has this city daily, brings the need to unite the different campuses and the expansion center .
  • The preparation of Reale continues (25/08/2010)

  • 78 new points of light and Mills Perín Marfagones (25/08/2010)
    Friday will start operating the facility which involves an investment of 178,000 euros
  • The mayor commissioned a study on the facility to be picked up yesterday in Santa Florentina (25/08/2010)
    Barreiro visited this morning the market to spot check the work done and meet with the settlers
  • Begin to plant trees in the square Artificial King (25/08/2010)
    One set of pergolas will provide shade of this unique space in the city center
  • Great number of people in the Gala Trovalia de Mar de Cristal (25/08/2010)
    El Paseo Marítimo de Mar de Cristal was packed spectators to enjoy the second day of this festival, which ends on August 26 with their latest gala in Puerto Cabo de Palos
  • Santa Florentina Market reopens (24/08/2010)
    On Wednesday, the settlers will return to their posts after the municipal and fire crews have repaired the gutter that fell off this morning and found your safety
  • Along the coast of Cartagena to swim to disclose its diversity and call for greater protection (24/08/2010)
    Naturalists Association of Southeast today and tomorrow will support four Carthago Swimming Club swimmers at the first attempt to travel to swim the 56 km from the Mediterranean coast in this city
  • The Apparition at parties (24/08/2010)
    are developed until 12 September in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows and will feature children's activities, a biker concentration, musical performances, a giant paella, giveaways and surprises
  • Trovalia Gala 2010 in Mar de Cristal (24/08/2010)
    Between Brisas, Verses and Rhythms: Rainbow of Verses on the shores of Mar Menor, will be held today in the same town promenade of the second day of this festival that celebrates the art of trovo
  • Closed Santa Florentina market by the release of a cable duct (24/08/2010)
    Staff municipal crews are busy repairing the damage on an interim basis to enable the public tomorrow Wednesday reabrise
  • Half of the students come by car UPCT campuses (24/08/2010)

  • Cross states that "no will" to continue hosting the race Cartagena 'Audi MedCup' (23/08/2010)
    The port city hosts the third consecutive year this prestigious sailing competition with big cities like Marseille or Barcelona
  • Cartagena breaks the seasonal summer (23/08/2010)
    The city is no longer empty in July and August, according to Mayor Pilar Barreiro, this afternoon visited the facilities of the Audi MedCup
  • 'Pilar Barreiro suspect an intentional delay in the construction of the city railway station in Cartagena' (23/08/2010)

  • Offering floral procession honoring San Ginés (23/08/2010)
    The Cartagena neighborhood parish organizes various religious activities this week surrounding the saint's feast
  • San Ginés de la Jara celebrates its patron saint (23/08/2010)
    neighbors this council will enjoy two days of different activities in honor of its patron
  • Investment of the Ministry of Employment in Cartagena this year to allow hiring 106 unemployed (23/08/2010)
    The overall amount of over three million euros, of which two will go to development of a school workshop and a workshop employment
  • Macarena Soto, winner of the National Song Festival Mill Derribao Spanish (23/08/2010)
    Diego Ortega The Miller was a preacher and officially open the XVII edition of the festival, which took place this weekend with large crowds
  • The Socialists described as irresponsible the shortage of medical staff on weekends in the warm coast health center (20/08/2010)

  • San Ginés de la Jara celebrates traditional pilgrimage (20/08/2010)
    will depart Saturday from the Church of the Charity and will visit several deputations to finish in the grounds of the Park festive Rambla
  • More than 2,000 tourists arrive in Cartagena in the ship AIDAvita (20/08/2010)
    Ã ‰ This is the last of the four cruise ships that have come ashore in the city during the month of August, visitors filling the centers of historical tourism and businesses and bars.
  • Festivals in Los Puertos de Santa Barbara de Abajo The population of the area west of the Campo de Cartagena celebrates the feast of its patron saint with children's games, sports tournaments, a cycling tour, bicycle raffle, food and performances (20/08/2010)

  • The port opens 6,500 square meters over sea promenade to the Audi MedCup (20/08/2010)
    The leading sailors in the world will gather at the event to be held next week in the waters of Cartagena
  • The Reale lost in their last meeting in Melide (20/08/2010)
    With yesterday's meeting end their games in Cartagena Reale Melide (A Coruña)
  • Paquito Sanchez Victoria Cava and flamenco recitals in St. Lucia (20/08/2010)
    The singers perform in Murcia on Saturday night in the Plaza de la Marina de Santa Lucia
  • Three new IAC will open in the coming months (19/08/2010)
    With the open enrollment period, those in the valley and La Palma will be operational in September, while the Pozo Estrecho will in October
  • Real Cartagena with the smallest (19/08/2010)

  • Day with Senior Day Center of El Algar The councilman of Social Care on Wednesday visited the day center, which creates an alternative space to residential accommodation, to accompany the older people in the various activities carried out Throughout (19/08/2010)

  • Children's Home for Children, holiday in La Manga (19/08/2010)
    director general of Family and Social Care Councillor visited them on Wednesday in the premises of the Gola
  • UPyD demanding an investigation of the fire in the grounds of zincs (18/08/2010)
    Ask an investigation into the causes and responsibilities debug
  • Pedro Sánchez Palma, vice president of new PhD and Quality (18/08/2010)

  • La Manga celebrates Route Cocktail I (18/08/2010)
    20 facilities offer 40 combined with and without alcohol at a single price of 3 euros
  • ... (18/08/2010)

  • Fiestas in La Torre de Nicolás Pérez (18/08/2010)
    Residents of the county council for two days to enjoy different activities and festivals that liven up
  • Trovalia 2010 and unites 28 musicians from five countries repentistas (18/08/2010)
    The exhibition will be held in Cartagena, Mar de Cristal and Cabo de Palos
  • New controls breath summer (18/08/2010)
    Local Police is continuing its campaign on the main roads in the city
  • The Beach "The Portus" festivities celebrating 2010 (17/08/2010)

  • Summer Festivals in the Barrio Cuatro Santos (17/08/2010)
    For 11 days, the residents of this council cartagenera live with a wide range of sports activities and entertainment for all audiences and ages
  • Arden three basins with industrial waste in the former grounds of zincs (17/08/2010)
    The incident occurred last night and firefighters used two hours to quell the flames
  • The Real Cartagena due to MFK VIZ Sinara (17/08/2010)

  • Begin Meetings and workshops, graphic design and digital People with the Bartlett (17/08/2010)

  • Visits to the Roman Theater in the light of the moon (17/08/2010)
    will be conducted in small groups on Saturdays 21 and 28 August
  • 38 bars and restaurants on Route Summer Top (17/08/2010)
    This gourmet tour offered as downloading the new image of the cover on the phone and the extension of a time closing time
  • The eleventh and quality Q waves on the beach of San Ginés (17/08/2010)
    Councillor for Infrastructure chaired the act of hoisting the flag that makes our town in Spain's most awarded by the Institute for Quality Tourism
  • UPyD demand the cleanup of a site located on Avenida de Santa Lucía Sánchez Meca, after an outbreak of fire (13/08/2010)

  • The Socialists propose to use the Palm Grove Park Cabo de Palos to install the medieval market (13/08/2010)

  • La Playa del Portus through the ages has been a fishing village, of which descendants are still among the inhabitants (13/08/2010)

  • The Reale leaves preseason (13/08/2010)
    Real Cartagena is leaving land trip to Galicia to continue their preseason outside the port city during the next few days
  • Found the body of a man in the Los Belones-Cartagena (13/08/2010)
    The Civil Guard investigates the facts
  • Recital Cancanilla Flamingo Marbella in St. Lucia (13/08/2010)
    The performance of Malaga on Saturday in the Cartagena area sailor is included in the cycle of concerts organized by the Department of Celebrations of the City of Cartagena
  • The Hospital of Santa Teresa is home to the monitors of Saharawi children The Director General of Immigration and Social Care council held a meeting with these tutors, who are responsible to accompany and serve as interpreters, both minors as host fa (12/08/2010)

  • The Community enhances the livability and accessibility in Cartagena through the Regional Housing Plan (12/08/2010)
    One of the works being carried out in the town is the refurbishment of a building of 16 homes in the Paseo Alfonso XIII through line of support for the rehabilitation of buildings
  • The Regional Plan Housing habitability and improve accessibility in Cartagena (12/08/2010)
    Director General of Land and Housing and Town Planning today visited the rehabilitation works being carried out in buildings of the Paseo Alfonso XIII, included within This plan
  • Youth organizes an activity to see the Perseid shower (12/08/2010)
    Will this night, in the industrial area of Santa Ana, which is scheduled for installation of two telescopes
  • Cartagena hoisted its eleventh quality beaches Q (12/08/2010)
    Councillor for Infrastructure will be commissioned on Friday to preside over the ceremony of hoisting on the beach of San Ginés, which makes our town in Spain's most awarded by the Institute for Quality Tourism
  • The UPCT promotes the creation of firms specializing in historic gardens (11/08/2010)

  • The Oceana again fill the streets of the city of foreign tourists (11/08/2010)
    This morning he arrived at the cruise port of Cartagena, with 2,022 passengers on board
  • The City Council out to tender the construction and operation of parking on Avenida de America The announcement, published on Tuesday BORM opens within 26 working days to review the specifications and technical requirements which will form the basis (11/08/2010)

  • Open enrollment for the School of Soccer CD Dolorense (11/08/2010)
    Aimed at kids between 4 and 19 who want to learn to play this sport, the club will give a briefing in September, before the start of the course
  • Meet the Saharawi children received this summer in Cartagena (11/08/2010)
    The director general of Immigration and Social Care Councillor visit on Thursday Hospitality Santa Teresa to the monitors and small, that happen these days in our city
  • Visit the buildings of the Conservation Plan of the Old Town Façade (11/08/2010)

  • The local police sobriety checkpoints keeps summer (11/08/2010)
    Between 12 and Aug. 18 will control 21 new parts of the municipality of Cartagena in shifts morning, afternoon and night
  • Caja Mediterráneo firm to celebrate its sponsorship of the Audi Med Cup in Cartagena (10/08/2010)
    According to this agreement, which was approved last week at a meeting of government and was signed today in Murcia, the CAM will contribute 140,000 euros to expenses incurred in the race
  • The work of Mills Music Hall Marfagones not stop for holidays Once the structure of the building, are being carried out inside partition work, closing of doors and windows and air conditioning pre-installation in order that the project be completed i (10/08/2010)

  • Popular Miner VI Cross Llano del Beal (10/08/2010)
    Athletes will travel on the last Saturday of August 5 kilometers in a race that will welcome participants of all ages
  • Youth opens the registration period for the course of Director of Leisure (10/08/2010)
    This new edition, which will eat the September 28, trains for the coordination of educational activities for leisure time with children and young people
  • The CAI of the trough is open the first week of September (09/08/2010)
    Starting Tuesday, the deadline for registration begins at this center will serve a hundred children between 0 and 4 years
  • The Open XI City of Cartagena de Futvoley crown champions and Hernández Jiménez (09/08/2010)
    The first sporting event held this weekend at the beach Cavanna in La Manga, with the participation of 12 pairs of Spanish nationality
  • Raul Guevara, the Marathon Cartagena, again awarded the Cross of Cape Palos The athlete Lorca repeats victory in the second edition of this proof of charitable status which was held on Saturday in the coastal town, and sold out the 1,000 available do (09/08/2010)

  • The Community Cartagena stresses in their fight against the indiscriminate use of single use bags (06/08/2010)
    Director General of Planning, Evaluation and Environmental Control on the Inaugural Earth event, held in Cartagena to the next 21 August
  • Work to install fiber optic traffic cut three days in the middle (06/08/2010)
    Monday to Wednesday will be affected by the access road to the old fields by placing towers, including work on the pedestrian phase of the Campos streets, Jara and Air
  • XI Tournament Futvoley City of Cartagena (06/08/2010)
    sporting event back to the beach Cavanna in La Manga and will be held from 6 to 8 August, with the participation of 12 pairs of Spanish nationality
  • The City Council changed the location of the Mediterranean Urbanization CAI In response to the request of neighbors, has put aside the first location and moved to a municipal lot located at 600 meters, so that will service all area, comprising New Ca (06/08/2010)

  • The return of the Santa Lucia flamenco performance with Antonio Ayala (06/08/2010)
    After the interruption of July with La Mar de Músicas, the Saturday night of August new flamenco dress at Marina Square neighborhood fishing
  • The CAM will be the main patroncinador the Audi Med Cup (06/08/2010)
    today approved the signing of an agreement with Caja Mediterráneo City Council to host this sporting event held for the third year in Cartagena, from 24 to 28 August
  • UPCT researchers fail to remove the external emissions in industrial microwave ovens (06/08/2010)

  • The Reale tests new players (05/08/2010)

  • II Cabo de Palos Cross Cancer (05/08/2010)
    This social sporting event in which more than a thousand people, takes place Saturday and develop a tour of the most emblematic places of the coastal town
  • The auditorium is covered with high-tech plastics (05/08/2010)
    already begun the laying of 45 km linear polycarbonate tubes, plastic produced from the Sabic plant in Cartagena
  • Return Circuit Futvoley to La Manga (05/08/2010)
    This weekend is held on the beach of the XI Open Cavanna City of Cartagena and event details will be presented at a press conference to be held on Friday at the Palace Hall
  • The Aquathlon World Championships will have two adoption Cartagena (04/08/2010)
    Mandarache Runners Club Cartagena, Matthew Fish and Trine Osterwold will travel to Budapest in September to participate in this competition category Age Groups
  • The foundation of the new office of La Palma will be ready this week (04/08/2010)
    The concreting of the foundation will be in a couple of days, coming immediately after lifting the floor of the ground floor to attend the services of primary care deputation
  • The "capital" goodbye to the candy box (04/08/2010)

  • Electroma reaches the shores of Mar Menor (04/08/2010)
    The fourth edition of this festival dedicated to electronic music, held on August 7, mounted their setting on the first line of the coast of Cartagena, particularly in Playa Honda
  • New alcohol tests of Local Police (04/08/2010)
    agents deployed between May and August 11, 1921 new controls in the morning, afternoon and evening on the main access roads to the city
  • Implica2 and Youth Institute offers a free monograph on Communication Skills (04/08/2010)
    Target monitors leisure and cultural leaders, the course will be held in October and the registrations can be made online at the website of the Institute of Youth Murcia
  • Social Care to 21,500 euros to subsidize APICE (04/08/2010)
    Antonio Calderón delivered a financial support on Monday to representatives of the Association of Mentally Ill of Cartagena and Shire
  • Ossorio and Pizarro, the new faces of Real Cartagena (03/08/2010)

  • XVII National Song Festival Mill Derribao Spanish (03/08/2010)
    The contest, scheduled for 14, 20 and 21 August, will feature performances by 13 participants from different cities in Spain
  • They advance the work of the new center of Vista Alegre (03/08/2010)
    are underway Foundation work for new education facilities, waiting to tear down the old building local nursery
  • The mayor shows his sorrow at the death of Ricardo Alarcón (03/08/2010)
    The former director of IES Jiménez de la Espada died yesterday at 66 years old
  • Cartagena Q achieves a new quality in the beach of San Ginés (03/08/2010)
    The Ministry of Industry and Tourism has awarded another distinctive, and with this there are now eleven for this area of our coast which recently turned to also raise Blue Flag
  • Photo Award Ports and Coastal Region of Murcia (03/08/2010)
    Organised by the Autonomous Community, is the sixth edition of this contest, whose deadline for submission of papers is 31 August
  • Real Cartagena engine starts and begins, officially, the 10/11 season in Division de Honor (02/08/2010)

  • III Memorial Ginés Pagán (02/08/2010)
    This sporting event will take place on August 14 at the facilities of the Fundación José Gómez Meseguer in Beaza Cabezo Estate
  • More than five hundred people are fascinated with the findings of Cueva Victoria (02/08/2010)
    The open house at the site which was held on Saturday was a success and the organizers did not rule out returning to schedule further visits in the future
  • The Muram offers family workshops and summer routes modernist (02/08/2010)
    Events take place during the month of August, coinciding with the exhibition of drawings by Parraga
  • 400 students participated in July in the Swim Courses Youth House (02/08/2010)
    Today begins a new course in this sport, organized by the Department of Sports, which ends on August 27
  • Miranda pays tribute to the troubadour à ngel Rock (02/08/2010)

  • Last day to pay property taxes and other taxes (02/08/2010)
    The term strategic open until next Thursday, August 5

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