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Cartagena News - August 2009

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  • Casting Talent in Cartagena to Murcia 7 (31/08/2009)
    TV Canal 7 Murcia launches new program with Antonio Hidalgo
  • The team has been named FC Cartagena festero Honoris Causa of the Festival of Carthaginians and Romans (31/08/2009)
    are being carried out final preparations for the celebration of the holiday Carthaginians and Romans, which will be from 18 to 27 September
  • About thirty models of famous ships of the naval history on display at the Cultural Center of Cartagena Cajamurcia (31/08/2009)
    The exhibition "Museum of Naval Model Julio Castelo Matrán opens next Wednesday, September 2, at 20 hours
  • IU Region expresses its confidence in the court case under the 'Yenny' (31/08/2009)

  • Closed-building Workshop and Digital Chart of the People's University (31/08/2009)
    More than thirty artists and professionals from all over Spain participated in these courses.
  • Symbolically Closing the offices of the Port Authority of Cartagena (28/08/2009)
    Ecologists in Action has made an action simbóloca estamañana protest in Cartagena, as part of its report Banderas Newgren 2009
  • Valcárcel visits the Auditorium and Congress Centre Municipal de Cartagena (28/08/2009)

  • The regional government agreed actions to promote tourism in Cartagena (28/08/2009)
    The Governing Council of the Autonomous Region has resumed political activity after the summer with a meeting that was held the Palace of the port city hall
  • IU proposed a plan that includes the reuse of wastewater from the WWTP of Isla Plana in agriculture (28/08/2009)

  • V Cross Mining People Llano del Beal (28/08/2009)
    Runners will travel 4.2 miles on Saturday and the race will welcome participants of all ages
  • Trip to water park with the program T-LA (28/08/2009)
    The Department of Youth organized a month trip to the water park in the summer program T-LA
  • The Carthaginians and Romans parties gear up (28/08/2009)
    On Monday, the magazine is presented and the program of the celebrations to be held the second half of September
  • Water cut in the Paseo Alfonso XII (28/08/2009)
    Aquagest has reported that on September 1 will be affected water supply in the walk for ten hours Alfonso XII
  • Celso joined the staff of Real Cartagena (28/08/2009)

  • The bus back to winter time (28/08/2009)
    line 12, Bus Beaches, and the line 23, which connects La Ribera to La Manga circulate until Monday 31 August
  • Local Police Campaign ends summer Speed Control (28/08/2009)
    Some 11,000 vehicles were checked during the campaign, which has been carried out between 10 to 23 August, of which more than 5,000 exceeded the maximum speed permitted
  • The Governing Council of the Autonomous Community of Cartagena chosen for the 'Back to School' (27/08/2009)
    The executive who presides Valcárcel meets Friday at the Palace Hall to discuss regional affairs
  • Closure of the building workshops and Digital Chart of the People's University (27/08/2009)
    More than thirty artists and professionals have participated in courses that come to an end Friday with a ceremony to be held at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • EU citizens require Zapatero to change its policy on sharks (27/08/2009)
    Campaign starts today in Cartagena will tour various ports of the Mediterranean
  • The City offers fifteen defendants to change their convictions on community work (27/08/2009)
    This is convicted of misdemeanors, which provide their services in the areas of Sports, Culture and Social Services, under an agreement with the General Secretariat Prisons approved today by the Governing Board.
  • El Arenal extends Childhood Education units (27/08/2009)
    By extending the school will have four new classrooms for children who already are under construction
  • The twin demand Montánchez Encounters with the Sea of Music (27/08/2009)
    The call came last night during the award ceremony for the Dialogue of Cultures 2009 in the local council Caceres highlights events that bring cultures through music and Art
  • The Cartagena expedition returns home (27/08/2009)
    Real Cartagena port returns to town after his tour of ten days
  • XIII Trofeo Youth Silver Caravel (26/08/2009)
    The Cartagena FC will face the youth of SAD Almeria on Saturday at the Sports City Gómez Meseguer
  • The Cartagena Young Socialists denounced the lack of study rooms in the districts and county (26/08/2009)
    The general secretary of the organization, Ana Belén Castejon, considered "unacceptable that the only areas designated for study in the whole municipality is located in the center and belonging to the Polytechnic University "
  • August Activities T-LA program come to an end (26/08/2009)
    The program organized by the Youth Council, offers the latest proposals for leisure and free time before the end of this month
  • The Governing Board meets after the holidays (26/08/2009)
    Councillors back on Thursday to work studying the proposal for approval of works in the local office of Isla Plana, among other issues.
  • The City Council to tender out the works of local social de Vista Alegre (26/08/2009)
    This project is included in the Investment Plan and Provincial Districts 2008-2009, the budget amounting to 250,000 euros with a lead time of eleven months
  • New traffic court works on Avenida de Murcia (26/08/2009)
    Work will renew water infrastructure in the street come on Thursday to reach between Round and Round Ferrol City of La Unión.
  • Cartagena Ventura receives 3,600 cruise tourists (26/08/2009)
    This is already five cruise ships have stopped in the city during the month of August, visitors fill the shops, bars and places of historical tourism
  • Presentation of Cartagena Reale "La Bombonera" (26/08/2009)

  • The Royal Trophy is awarded the city of Zamora VIII (26/08/2009)

  • Municipality and autonomous region benefits renew agreement (25/08/2009)
    In 2009, the development of actions in terms of primary care services in Cartagena will feature nearly two and a half million euros from the two administrations, together with the state
  • Good news for Cobeta (25/08/2009)

  • The consortium Manga updates on its website digitized street maps consortium populations (25/08/2009)

  • Friendly Zamora Real Cartagena (25/08/2009)

  • Seventeen immigrants intercepted in the Azohía (25/08/2009)
    arrived on board a vessel of about 5 meters
  • A survey of users of health centers in La Manga reveals the need for pediatric consultation and the conversion of warm coast in SUAP (25/08/2009)

  • The treatment plant discharges Isla Plana-La Azohía violate environmental impact statement (25/08/2009)

  • The cruise ship Boudicca saturates morning in the port of Cartagena (24/08/2009)
    This is already four cruise ships have come ashore in the city during the month of August.
  • Ecologists in Action claims that the privatization camping beach of El Portus in Cartagena (24/08/2009)
    Report this private company is disrupting the right of way in the area and requires compliance with the Coastal Act and free access to a beach which is a good public use and state-owned land
  • Real Cartagena, lost to Dynamo (5-7) (24/08/2009)
    play for third place at the BIC of Angola GDB
  • Real Cartagena a final step (22/08/2009)
    III edition of the Nations Cup Indoor Soccer
  • An individual arrested for forging tickets 20 euros (21/08/2009)
    Local police also proceeded to the arrest of two youths who fled after stealing bags of Lays potato chips in a pickup truck
  • The last days of the exhibition The Art Mar (21/08/2009)
    On Monday, ending August 31 exposures of Moroccan and Spanish artists who have participated in this year's art show that is included in the Festival La Mar de Músicas
  • The works of the urban area of Carlos III sports are underway (21/08/2009)
    is one of the E Plan projects that are taking place in Cartagena and taking advantage of the summer to cause the least possible inconvenience to the citizen and be ready end of the year
  • Real Cartagena: "Work and enthusiasm" (20/08/2009)
    That's motto of Cartagena Reale lusas land on the island of Terceira in the Azores, where they arrived in the afternoon yesterday
  • Adventures in the Segura river in T-LA (20/08/2009)
    activity, down by the river, will take place on Saturday and is part of the program La Gran Ruta Segura River, which runs from its source to its mouth in Guardamar
  • XXVI Pilgrimage of San Ginés de la Jara 2009 (20/08/2009)
    will depart from the Church of Charity road to Ermita de San Ginés, through Torreciega, La Aparecida and The Camachos, ending at Camp Carthaginians and Romans with a Mass Romera and verbena
  • XVI National Song Festival Mill Derribao Spanish (19/08/2009)
    Isaiah Councilman Camarzana be the preacher and manager inaugurate the festival, which takes place on 21 and 22 August.
  • Court of traffic on the Avenida de Murcia for works in the sewage (19/08/2009)
    from 20 August to 4 September circulation is interrupted in the section between the streets Ribera de San Javier and Ferrol Round by the continuation of the work included in the Plan E
  • The pedestrian sidewalk is passed to the Captain ' (19/08/2009)
    Work at Puerta de Murcia enter final straight in order that everything is ready for the parades of Carthaginians and Romans, held in mid-September
  • The local police arrested a snatchers operating in the area of Captains Ripoll (19/08/2009)
    While the agents arrived at the scene, the individual was detained by some workmen who had witnessed the attempted theft of a purse to a lady walking down the street Carlos III
  • Real Cartagena win the trophy Tamborcico (19/08/2009)
    Tobarra FS 2 - Real Cartagena 5
  • The tour starts Cartagena Reale (18/08/2009)

  • The Plaza de López Pinto and wears his new trees (18/08/2009)
    The renovation of this environment, including projects in Plan E, also include the paving and sidewalks, which are also awaiting the final touches
  • Firefighters extinguish a fire in the refuse of the Gorguel (18/08/2009)
    In less than an hour managed to put out the fire that occurred last night from a burning pile of garbage, without causing personal injury or material
  • Water cut in the Alameda de San Antón, Cartagena (18/08/2009)
    Aquagest supply interrupted on Thursday in various sectors of the street maintenance and improvement of municipal drinking water network
  • The Neighborhood of San Ginés includes new street lighting (17/08/2009)
    have been installed 21 points of light in several streets of this neighborhood, a project included in the Municipal Districts and Councils
  • An individual arrested for stealing a DVD player for a car (17/08/2009)
    The order, valued at $ 100 was stolen from a vehicle that was parked on the street Ruby, obtained by the offender after breaking one of the windows with a stone
  • The Muram offered during the month of August guided tours of the city and modeling workshops and poetry (17/08/2009)

  • Man shot in the head, falling off the watercraft he was driving in front of a popular restaurant in La Manga (15/08/2009)
    In the municipality of Cartagena
  • The rehabilitation unit of Santa Maria del Rosell Hospital in Cartagena is transferred to the Naval (15/08/2009)
    The consultations will be located on the ground floor of the Naval Hospital, near the existing rehabilitation and fitness
  • Festivals in the Barrio Cuatro Santos (14/08/2009)
    start Friday with the inaugural proclamation and will last until 23, with activities for all ages
  • The Celebrity Equinox arrives in Cartagena on its maiden voyage (14/08/2009)
    The Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Tourism are British cruiser on Saturday, which makes a stop in our city on his way to Rome
  • The environmentalists ask for accountability for the discharge of wastewater in La Manga (14/08/2009)

  • VIII National Petanque Tournament City of Cartagena (14/08/2009)
    is held in the district of Los barriers, in the Club de Petanque City of Cartagena on 15 and 16 August
  • The UPCT develop a remote sensor to interpret human thought (14/08/2009)

  • The local premiere social Mateos remodeling (13/08/2009)
    The opening was performed by the City Council for Decentralization and District Councillor, who has announced new paving and lighting project for the neighborhood to begin next week
  • The T-LA visit Tabarca (13/08/2009)
    The program organized by the Youth Council for this Sunday proposed a catamaran trip around the island
  • The Volunteer Bus stops in La Manga (13/08/2009)
    During the day yesterday stayed at the Plaza Bohemia and the SER improvised a program involving social policy makers in the Autonomous Community and the City of Cartagena
  • New lighting in the residential Castillitos (13/08/2009)
    have been installed twelve new points of light on various streets in the area of Sorrows will come into operation on Friday
  • The Reale faces its first test (13/08/2009)
    The next Saturday will take place at the Polideportivo Municipal de San Javier the first game of the season 09/10
  • The MARM positively assess the project to expand the storage capacity of crude in the refinery of Cartagena (13/08/2009)
    The project includes measures to control emissions, prevent fires and prevent pollution of soil and water
  • The construction of the parking lot of the Plaza of Spain entering its second phase (12/08/2009)
    On Friday afternoon proceed to the provisional rearrangement of traffic, being cut off by vehicles in the area from the Alameda to the Puerta de Madrid and open the section of the Carmelites
  • The City provides daily information for swimmers (12/08/2009)
    The state of Cartagena's beaches can learn every day through the City website, or directly on mobile phone
  • Intensified cleaning services at beaches by the storm (12/08/2009)
    Municipal Operators Service Institute of the Coast have kept their day jobs despite bad weather and have today stepped up efforts to see that the beaches back to normal
  • The new goal keeper albiazul (12/08/2009)
    Real Cartagena this morning that will be their new goalkeeper during the 09/10 season, Juan Bosco Molina
  • PSOE: "Since 2003, the PP is unable to solve the issue of botelleo" (12/08/2009)
    The Socialist Spokesman Rives Charity calls the attitude of the PP apathy to the problem of the botelleo for residents of Cartagena
  • The counselor Bascuñana visiting La Manga for the children in care of Children's Home (12/08/2009)
    A total of 28 children under six spend their summer holidays in the center of the Daughters of Charity
  • The UPCT develops a system to keep for two weeks, the fresh-cut watermelon (12/08/2009)
    has allowed to bring to market packaged cups of watermelon, small meals and ready to eat
  • Raul Manjarrez joins the costumes Cartagena (11/08/2009)
    This week has been the presentation of the new signing of the Cartagena Reale, Raul Manjarrez
  • The Real Street begins to show its new look (11/08/2009)
    The work goes on in the middle lane, with replanting of the rows of palms, and on the facade of Arsenal with the paving of sidewalks
  • The Guardia Civil and Local Police of El Algar have arrested a person in the act of stealing electrical wiring (11/08/2009)
    I was taking over 800 meters of copper wire of a crane, valued at approximately $ 4,000, causing serious damage to the facility
  • An individual arrested for stealing material in a company of the Blessed (11/08/2009)
    The events transpired in yesterday afternoon when the local police in El Algar sorpendió a young man fleeing with a stolen pickup truck
  • The Socialist Party claims that residents of La Manga pay more taxes than other citizens of the same services (11/08/2009)
    The Socialist councilor Francisco Martínez Muñoz said that the City ignored the proposals of the opposition and refuses to meet the needs most basic of the residents of this town
  • Raul Manjarrez, given one year to the Cartagena Reale (10/08/2009)

  • The Festival La Mar de Músicas wins the Dialogue of Cultures 2009 (10/08/2009)
    The distinction is awarded by the City Council in Cáceres Montánchez to highlight events that bring world cultures through music and art
  • Jiménez and Sánchez Open champions City of Cartagena X (10/08/2009)
    Fans have come this weekend at the beach Cavanna enjoyed the competitiveness of the participants and an exhibition of high level futvoley
  • II Memorial Ginés Pagán (10/08/2009)
    This sporting event will take place on August 15 at the premises of the Foundation José Gómez Meseguer, in the polygon Cabezo Beaza
  • Cut to work the final stretch of the street Juan Fernández (10/08/2009)
    Starting today, traffic is stopped in the last stretch of this street, which, since last May, has been running a remodeling project included Plan E
  • Stephen, the new election of Luis Fonseca (10/08/2009)
    coach Reale Cartagena, Luis Fonseca, decided after the first week of training, incorporating the locker room at Murcia albiazul Esteban
  • Raul Guevara wins the first of Cabo de Palos Cross Cancer (10/08/2009)
    The seaside town on Saturday hosted the sporting event, which ran the most emblematic and which involved hundreds of people of all ages
  • Eleven immigrants intercepted Algerian (10/08/2009)
    They came in a small boat that was partially collapsed in the area of Cabo del Agua
  • More than 300 people attend in Cabo de Palos to the conference 'The Region of Murcia, facing the sea' (08/08/2009)
    It is a program of cultural and leisure activities developed by Public Works, through the Directorate General for Transport and ports, each Saturday at a different marina
  • X Tournament Futvoley Cartagena City (07/08/2009)
    sporting event back to the beach Cavanna in La Manga and is held from 7 to 9 August, with the participation of 23 couples and the absence of Brazil
  • The palm trees in the street Luis Calandre move for work (07/08/2009)
    Traffic remained cut off yesterday afternoon on the occasion of the preparatory work for the construction of the footbridge that crosses the Rambla to the Neighborhood Health Center of Design
  • Gómez Meseguer Sports City will have a football field with artificial turf (07/08/2009)
    Sports councilor and the president of FC Cartagena announced in mid-September that will run the new facility whose works have begun this week
  • The works of Juan Fernandez street reach the Paseo Alfonso XIII (07/08/2009)
    Starting Monday, traffic will be closed to the final stretch of this street, which, since last May, has been running a remodeling project included in the Plan E
  • Intercepted a boat with eleven immigrants 60 miles southeast of Cape Palos (07/08/2009)
    One of them was evacuated by helicopter to have a swollen leg
  • The poetry and magic of the masks of the company closed the festival Flöz Familie Theater of the Sea Theatre with his show Delusio (07/08/2009)
    is one of the companies hilarious critically acclaimed international
  • Manoel Messias, the newest member of Real Cartagena (07/08/2009)
    Manoel Messias was introduced yesterday as the new signing of the Cartagena Reale
  • Sanchez Drago was delighted with Cartagena during his visit to the Cueva Victoria (06/08/2009)
    The journalist has used his tenure as town crier Festival del Cante de La Minas de La Union to visit the cave and, incidentally, the city of Cartagena, which has been largely changed
  • The future of the Group Hortiberia passes to seal alliances with large retailers (06/08/2009)

  • Four injured in a fire in the street Francisco de Borja (06/08/2009)
    Three vehicles Fire Municipal Park have had to intervene this morning after a fire occur in a flat, apparently caused by a short circuit
  • Chapertons's imagination takes the stage of Teatro del Mar (06/08/2009)
    Three players use magic and tires to display his comic arsenal
  • Ecologists in Action continued in July claims that the deteriorating air quality in cartagena (06/08/2009)
    While persistent poor air quality, governments are inactive, and still not develop the necessary action plans required by law
  • The work on La Puerta de Murcia processions arrive at Monument (06/08/2009)
    The sculpture will remain in local stores while completing the work in the firm and pipelines included in the proposed pedestrian helmet.
  • Civil Protection Cartagena in July than 5,000 beaches interventions (06/08/2009)
    municipal device in the water has rescued 176 people so far this summer.
  • Water cut in the Alameda de San Antón (06/08/2009)
    Aquagest reported this morning that affected the water supply from the number 2 to 14 of this street, from 9 am until 14.00 hours .
  • Cartagena, who starred in the journal History of Iberia Vieja (05/08/2009)
    The city of Cartagena, its past and present are key players in the August issue of the magazine, which devotes a special supplement and sundries
  • Sanchez Drago visit on Thursday the Cueva Victoria (05/08/2009)
    Field paleontological valuable is located in the Cerro de San Ginés de la Jara
  • Traffic Court on Thursday on the street Luis Calandre (05/08/2009)
    afternoon will occur because of the preparatory work for the construction of the footbridge that crosses the Rambla to the Neighborhood Health Center of Design
  • More than 4,000 tourists calling at Cartagena (05/08/2009)
    A aboard two cruise ships have arrived early in the harbor, where they have had the opportunity to stroll and shop at downtown businesses
  • The new FC Cartagena presented in Trophy XXXVIII Carabela de Plata (05/08/2009)
    The trophy, which falls on August 13, will face newly-promoted FC Cartagena with Club Deportivo Tenerife SAD
  • Four actresses bring the Sea Theatre Festival of Cadiz chirigotas (05/08/2009)
    Among the actresses is Pepa Rus, known for her role in Aida's Macu
  • Fabian, a firm commitment Reale Cartagena (04/08/2009)
    Robledo Fabián Calleja has been presented this morning as the latest addition to the squad of Real Cartagena
  • End of year party for the little swimmers (04/08/2009)
    Sports councilor on Friday presided over the closing ceremony and awards ceremony for the course that took place during the month of July in the Youth House and will continue in August.
  • Drivers increasingly aware of the use of helmets (04/08/2009)
    The Traffic Department has presented its findings of road safety campaign on helmet use, conducted between May 15 and July 31.
  • ... (04/08/2009)

  • The end of the world live spot in the Theater of the Sea by Ron Lalá (04/08/2009)

  • Asphalt alumbreño access to the neighborhood of Zaraiche (03/08/2009)
    This and other issues were included in the agenda of the Local Government Board held today under the chairmanship of the Mayor
  • An individual arrested in La Manga for robbery with violence (03/08/2009)
    Local Police was speaking when the individual tried to pull a gold chain around his neck a holidaymaker
  • More than a thousand people enjoyed the night in Cabo de Palos Habaneras (03/08/2009)
    Organized by the Coral Carthagonova and Celebration, the concert was held Saturday in the esplanade of Faro
  • On Wednesday fianliza the time to pay property tax and municipal taxes (03/08/2009)
    August 5 is the last day for taxpayers to make voluntary payment of these taxes, which raise an amount in excess of 47 million euro
  • The Med Cup will be seen on a giant screen on the esplanade of Puerto (03/08/2009)
    This is just one of the novelties of the international regatta for the second consecutive year will stop in Cartagena from 14 to 19 September, celebrating this final stage Awards
  • Real Cartagena engine starts and begins to prepare for the 09/10 season (03/08/2009)
    Wsell of Guimbarda Pavilion has seen this morning, another year, the first team training session Cartagena
  • An amusing sequence of gags in a restaurant is the bet of Extress, a new company with actors Tricicle and Monti & Cia (03/08/2009)
    The work will be on Tuesday, August 4 at the Auditorio Parque Torres
  • The Community calls for tenders to improve access to tailings in an amount of 1.3 million euros (01/08/2009)
    The project includes construction of a roundabout solution to a troubled intersection, improving driver safety
  • Dance Brothers, a production directed by Yllana, dance and humor merge in the Theater of the Sea festival in Cartagena (01/08/2009)
    The show will be on Monday 3 August at the Auditorio Parque Torres

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