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Cartagena News - June 2009

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  • María José Puerto calls for increased awareness and attention levels for the disabled (30/06/2009)
    The Cartagenera of the Year 2008 received his award before 200 people at the Palace Hall.
  • The Enagás regasification plant in Cartagena will receive this summer at the world's largest LNG (30/06/2009)
    From this summer, will dock at the plant vessels up to 263,000 m3
  • The delegate of the Government commitment to diversification of the business as an engine of development (30/06/2009)
    The Government Delegate highlights the extensions Enagas Plant and the new pipeline route Almería-Chinchilla
  • Company for college student house (30/06/2009)
    The Department of Social Affairs and the Technical University of Cartagena offers a year the Shared Housing Program
  • La Mar de Músicas particularly Morocco, with 30% more public concerts twice in the street (30/06/2009)
    The opening of the festival on Saturday 4, Khaled, and a concert by Pablo Milanes, Sunday 5, have been exhausted Tickets
  • 680 children and youth participate in summer programs to the Department of Education (30/06/2009)
    Activities begin on July 1 Schools Summer Music Colony and Road Education
  • A producer is preparing a series cartagenera internet (30/06/2009)
    drifting Films, working with the Department of Youth in Much More May, published Xlabon trailer to be released in September
  • 'The Sea Music' concert twice in the street (30/06/2009)
    The festival opens next weekend with concerts by Khaled and Pablo Milanes, for those who have already sold out
  • The Youth Café is a year I Campano (29/06/2009)
    At this time, has received over 4,200 visits and 79 were carried out training, cultural, sporting ...
  • This afternoon close of the fourteenth edition of the amateur football championship (29/06/2009)
    Art and Young Moroccan Wedding fight for first place, while on Tuesday will take place awards
  • Cut water and Engineer Jacinto Benavente de la Cierva (29/06/2009)
    Tomorrow Tuesday June 30 from 9 am and for about 8 hours
  • The singing of Jesús Corbacho Recitals goodbye to August Flamencos (29/06/2009)
    flamenco performance cycle is suspended during July and will be Antonio Ortega Son who re-opened on 1 August
  • The population in the Old Town grew by 30% in recent years (29/06/2009)
    The Town Planning has stated during the plenary of the Corporation have been awarded more than 1,700 business licenses and 91 facades have been restored in response to two motions PSOE y Movimiento Ciudadano
  • Full unanimously approved the reclassification of the land of zincs (29/06/2009)
    Land sectorized become developable for residential use, though you should have the final approval of the General Directorates of Planning and Environmental Quality
  • Shortly begin development of Finca Buenos Aires (29/06/2009)
    The Governing Board approved the project for the construction of roads, pavements and services prior to the start of construction of houses scheduled for September
  • Public Works develop a plan of action to improve road safety in the Campo de Cartagena (28/06/2009)
    The Highways Agency plans to build several roundabouts in six roads
  • Cartagena UPyD increasing demand for school places in the municipal nursery school (27/06/2009)
    30% of applications for next year are excluded
  • Public Works invests 700,000 euros in lighting to improve road safety on the road night of La Manga (27/06/2009)
    According to the Road Safety Plan for the Region, nearly 40 percent of traffic accidents happened at night, despite that vehicular traffic is as much as five times lower than the day
  • ANSE Unveils Fausilla expense of "The Gorguel to be destroyed by the container macropuerto. (27/06/2009)

  • The Community will make a new effort to support workers zincs and an independent expert firm will verify the feasibility of the project (26/06/2009)
    Marin Executive agrees that the Murcia will take the appropriate steps to make your Zinc Spanish PV project in six months, provided they have demonstrated the necessary investment
  • Rodríguez (IU) believes that Barreiro had chosen the "worst time" to address the reclassification of field zincs (26/06/2009)

  • Is enhanced bus service to the beach with the arrival of summer (26/06/2009)
    From July 1 to La Manga will buses every half hour and there will be a night service on weekends, with departures every hour from Los Urrutias to La Manga touring the Mar Menor.
  • The City Council urges the ministry to define the route of the TGV between Cartagena and Murcia (26/06/2009)
    also been asked to be drafted as soon as the proposed burial of arrival at the station.
  • The youth correspondents resign for this course (26/06/2009)
    Councillor for Youth and Employment gave the diplomas to the 25 scholars who have contributed to the dissemination of activities and resources in schools and universities.
  • The ambulance drivers made 061 driving practices in the Cartagena racetrack (26/06/2009)
    30 drivers of Emergency Management conducted the sixth edition of the course "Management, mobilization and transport in emergencies'
  • A Summer of Joy and Transformation in the Barrio Virgen de la Caridad (26/06/2009)
    From July 1 to Sept. 4, the groups in the area, with the support of the City, are scheduled cultural activities, recreational and sports to enjoy the street.
  • The catamaran tour offered rides at dusk in July and August (26/06/2009)
    Puerto de Culturas has presented innovative activities aimed at both tourists and Cartagena, including two theme trails and boating on the bay two nights a week.
  • The celebrated UPCT Drafting III Olympiad Memorial Augustine Diéguez " (26/06/2009)

  • Water cut in the street Honda (26/06/2009)
    supply is interrupted on the morning of June 29 for six hours.
  • Closure of the Intercultural Center for Social Service (26/06/2009)
    The goal of this program is the coexistence and integration of immigrants.
  • The welding of the course students receive their diplomas (26/06/2009)
    15 immigrants from 13 countries participated in the lectures and practices.
  • The 70 percent of applicants get a place at the municipal nursery school (26/06/2009)
    The Department of Education has published the list, with 1,070 applications in different centers, which has established waiting lists.
  • Roma music of Taraf Haïdouks The Cartagena reaches the hands of La Mar de Músicas (26/06/2009)
    gypsy music band replaced on July 15 at the Brazilian Vanessa Da Mata has finally suspended its European tour and not come to the city as planned.
  • Youth Night at the Festival of The Albujón (26/06/2009)
    The celebrations this weekend facing its final stretch.
  • Opens in Cartagena Valcárcel the new Casa Hogar Betania and rehabilitation of the headquarters of the Brotherhood mako (25/06/2009)
    The new premises of the Casa Hogar Betania have three flats ground floor, hosting nine elderly assisted by five carers in solitary twenty-four hours
  • The City does its part to Zinser and workers (25/06/2009)
    The Planning Commission unanimously ruled the amendment of General Plan on the former grounds of the factory in Torreciega
  • Roma music of Taraf Haïdouks The Brazilian replaces Vanessa Da Mata in the festival La Mar de Musicas Cartagena (25/06/2009)

  • La Palma, head of research and agricultural development (25/06/2009)
    Vice Mayor Augustine Guillen has gone this morning at the opening of a new research center that conducts programs to improve the peppers, artichoke, melon, lettuce and watermelon
  • Published communications and posters of the Sixth International Conference Football (25/06/2009)
    It is work and research scientists from over 15 institutions, clubs, universities, associations ...
  • More than 3,500 people at the concerts of ECOS 08-09 (25/06/2009)
    The nine concerts that have made this cycle have had a virtually full capacity, emphasizing the concerts of The King's Singers, Dolce Tempesta or Perku-va
  • The works of Juan Fernandez addressed the replacement of rainwater collector (25/06/2009)
    It is the most complex phase of the project being carried out in the street and consists of replacing the current collector damaged and full of mud for a new one that will alleviate the problem of flooding in the area
  • Jarcha perform at the Festival of Folklore of La Palma (25/06/2009)
    The XVII edition of the event, held in The Palm of 8 to 12 July will be devoted to the curiosities of rural medicine and will feature performances by folklore groups from all country
  • The Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine awarded the environmental restoration of the coastal edge of Playa Paraiso, Cartagena (24/06/2009)
    This project is part of the Plan E government to stimulate the economy and it will create 12 jobs.
  • Diplomas and gifts to close the football season (24/06/2009)
    Selection of Cartagena in all categories below yesterday celebrated the end of the 2008-2009 season, which have been highly successful.
  • Seek solutions to noise in the municipality of Cartagena (24/06/2009)
    The Department of Environment has set up a table this morning working with entrepreneurs, professionals, citizens and administrations in the framework of Local Agenda 21.
  • Cartagena reflects the seven Blue Flag that will fly this summer on the beaches (24/06/2009)
    Councillor for Sustainable Development has gathered today in Murcia badges that certify the quality of the beaches of the municipality, which this year is compounded by the Cavanna.
  • Old Town made a profit and reduced its debt in 2008 (24/06/2009)
    The modification of the ordinance of the ORA and accounts of Casco Antiguo and the Digital Television will be the issues to be discussed at the meeting.
  • The Programme of Grants for the Integration enables the recruitment of 33 unemployed (24/06/2009)
    Cartagena Eight charities aid efforts in 2008, aimed at achieving the integration of people excluded or at risk of exclusion.
  • Young Space maintains certification of quality services to young people (24/06/2009)
    Space Youth held after an external audit certificate in quality management system, ISO 9001:2008, which was granted last year.
  • The painter Murcia Pedro Serna opened his exhibition "A watercolorist in Morocco" in The Sea of Art (24/06/2009)
    The show of watercolors will remain open until August 29.
  • Noche de San Juan moved to Local Fire and Police (24/06/2009)
    During the day, the location corrected effective fire up to 30 fires in various parts of town, while police turned their endowments
  • Find solutions to noise in the municipality of Cartagena (24/06/2009)
    The Department of Environment is now a desk with entrepreneurs, professionals, citizens and administrations within the framework of Local Agenda 21.
  • Arrested four people suspected of a crime of theft of cash (23/06/2009)
    be able to recover the total amount embezzled, amounting to 22,000 euros
  • Afternoon games and sports in my environment (23/06/2009)
    The Municipal Institute of Social Services has arranged for 24 and June 25 sporting and leisure activities for children who live Virgen de la Caridad
  • The Home Cartagena III B team, champion of the First Municipal Petanque Championship Senior (23/06/2009)
    The awards were presented yesterday during the day of living together in more held in Los Urrutias
  • Divertirama together more than a hundred young people in the port (23/06/2009)
    Accompanied by their families, participated Saturday in the activities organized by the Municipal Institute of Social Services to close the leisure spaces that have taken place in the neighborhood
  • The start Cartagena over the Camino de Santiago (23/06/2009)
    Forty biggest clubs in the city left last Sunday from the church of Santa Lucia and tour the French way for 133 kilometers until Sunday 29 June
  • On Wednesday, the Commission meets Finance and Interior (23/06/2009)
    The modification of the ordinance of the ORA and accounts of Casco Antiguo and the Digital Television will be the issues to be discussed at the meeting
  • More than 2,000 tourists on Wednesday calling Cartagena (23/06/2009)
    Two cruises, one British and one Italian, arrived at the port for a day and offer its passengers the opportunity to see the city
  • Placebo, Amaral and Second, MTV confirmed lineup Murcia Night (23/06/2009)

  • Two Cartagena have morning on "This is life with Monica" how they have faced their illnesses (23/06/2009)
    the agenda of the 7 will come a blind girl who has won nearly 100 medals in Swimming Championships
  • 22 new players joined the staff of the Local Police (23/06/2009)
    In the presence of authorities, family and friends, took possession yesterday in the courtyard of Artillery in a ceremony presided by the mayor
  • 1,200 persons older clubs realizanuna day living in Los Urrutias (22/06/2009)
    The mayor goes to participate in this event which serves as a closure to the activities that have been made throughout the year from the Municipal Institute of Social Services
  • The mayor, Maid of Honor Cuarentuna Cartagena (22/06/2009)
    The distinction has been given to Pilar Barreiro in his office of the Town Hall
  • Aquagest driving in Torreciega repairs to prevent leaks (22/06/2009)
    A rift has caused a leak of water to the street level Quintilian and has led to the repair work carried out throughout the day
  • MTV's The Gala will be held in Cartagena on Sunday July 26 (22/06/2009)
    The concert will be presented Tuesday at Murcia by the mayor and the director
  • Marcelino Garcia softened the second evening of flamenco in Santa Lucia (22/06/2009)
    Large crowds had the pleasure of enjoying good work of Extremadura singer who participated in Saturday's flamenco recital program organized by the Department of Festivities
  • Verse and fire to close the activities of the Bazar de las Letras UP (22/06/2009)
    This musical poetry reading dedicated to the moon and a tour of twentieth-century poetry will take place on Monday 22 at the cultural center Luzzy Ramón Alonso
  • Z Alien Malagente and vibrate the rhythm of rock port (22/06/2009)
    The performance on Saturday was the perfect excuse to celebrate 150 years of rock which together components of both groups
  • The T-LA travels Almagro (22/06/2009)
    It's open enrollment period to participate in this trip, from 17 to 19 July, coinciding with the celebration of XXXII Festival de Teatro Clásico de Almagro
  • The streets of sidewalks and streetlights Albujón premiere (22/06/2009)
    On Friday they gave inaugurated the new infrastructure, amounting to 123,000 euros, which is included in the Plan of Districts and Councils of the City of Cartagena
  • About 60 people will ensure the safety during the night of San Juan (22/06/2009)
    Local Police and Fire have launched special equipment because of the fires in San Juan tomorrow Tuesday 23 June
  • A living on the beach ends the sixth edition of The Time Box (22/06/2009)
    The participants, over 100 young people, and put the finishing touch to five months for those who have dedicated over 4,600 hours to community work
  • The Mayor left the municipal boards incompatibility (22/06/2009)
    Adding Ruth Collins has been one of the main issues on the agenda of this House special
  • Workshops and summer recreation for the elderly in the municipality (22/06/2009)
    Social Services is launching the First Summer School for Seniors, which will run from 1 to 15 July in the building of the Miraculous
  • The work in schools during summer for more than four million euros (22/06/2009)
    The Governing Board will soon consider a new agreement with the Ministry of Education, which will complement the existing two and a half million euros, and that will be used to improve educational infrastructure
  • Galactyco Collective presents the Pride of Cartagena (22/06/2009)
    The association of gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual organizations in collaboration with the City various activities for the Gay Pride
  • The new councilor wants to make social policy for youth (22/06/2009)
    Ruth Collins explained that the employment and training are the cornerstones of government action
  • The House approved the termination of the mayor in municipal boards incompatibility (22/06/2009)
    Adding Ruth Collins has been one of the main issues on the agenda of this House special
  • Film, Coffee and Senior Tertulia Cultural Center (22/06/2009)
    Intolerable Cruelty The projection will give way to a conference on personal conflicts, promoted by the City and Caja Madrid
  • Clasurado in Tarragona film series on Cartagena and Region (22/06/2009)
    The event was organized by the association in the Catalan town Cartageneros
  • Check entrepreneur encourages the creation of nine companies in the first half of year (20/06/2009)
    Services, consulting, franchises and businesses, between businesses launched
  • The Albujón opens new sidewalks and street lighting (19/06/2009)
    These actions are attached to Plan E, which are being carried out, involving the improvement of urban services and Paving
  • The Mayor, Municipal Corporation, representatives of other institutions and citizens have expressed their rejection to last (19/06/2009)
    ... ETA bombing at the gates of the Town Hall
  • Colonel Gabriel Bayart goodbye to the mayor (19/06/2009)
    The Colonel far Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment is stepping down after serving the set time in command of this unit
  • The Jury of the Year award Cartagenero has visited the winner of 2008 (19/06/2009)
    The jury, headed by the mayor, has come this morning to school Primitiva Lopez to personally congratulate the winner of this year, Maria José Puerto
  • Presentation of the Annual Report 2008 Scouts of Spain (19/06/2009)
    Youth Councillor, Ruth Collins, and Youth Council president, Manuel Soler, provide the details of this memory
  • 22 new officers take office (19/06/2009)
    The event takes place on Monday afternoon in the courtyard of Artillery
  • Imagination and intermunicipal cooperation to overcome the crisis in culture (19/06/2009)
    The Mayor and the Minister of Culture has chaired the Inter Forum of Culture, which involved the council in this area in the municipalities of the Region to discuss the promotion in times of cultural crisis
  • 60 young people of our class participated in a coexistence course farewell (19/06/2009)
    Project Our Classroom study includes workshops in the neighborhoods of Los Mateos, Concepción, Virgen de la Caridad and San Anton
  • 1,200 persons older clubs made Monday a day of living in Los Urrutias (19/06/2009)
    The mayor goes to participate in this event which serves as a closure to the activities that have been made throughout the year from the Municipal Institute of Social Services
  • Welcome to the participants of the Assembly of ICOM (19/06/2009)

  • Concludes the sixth edition of Time Box (19/06/2009)
    Participants will celebrate on Saturday with an activity of living in Calarreona
  • The selection of Cartagena closed the 2008-2009 season with a remarkable performance (19/06/2009)
    The event will take place on Tuesday 23 June at the Cultural Hall of CajaMurcia, players with the assistance of representatives of all clubs that participated in this season
  • The indoor swimming Pozo Estrecho La Aljorra and will be finished later this year (19/06/2009)
    The projects included in Plan E will allow users offer 2,400 places
  • Agreement to control the quality of water in the area of the port of Cartagena (19/06/2009)

  • 1.5 million for the protection of the archaeological remains of 'The Twirl' in Cartagena (19/06/2009)

  • 3.2 million to expand the Community debrining Arcosur Irrigation for the use of the waters of the Mar Menor South WWTP (19/06/2009)

  • The collective Galáctyco Cartagena celebrates Pride (19/06/2009)
    gay association illuminate the walls with the colors of the rainbow
  • 22 students will do internships abroad with the Euroexperience II (19/06/2009)
    The ALDE has obtained the approval of this second project and a grant of 49,528 euros for its development
  • The Municipal Institute of Social Services and the ADLE set off the San Diego employment workshop (19/06/2009)
    For three months, six unemployed revalued the green area inside the enclosure of the Miraculous
  • Concentration of revulsion at the murder of a police inspector in Vizcaya (19/06/2009)
    Mayor, Municipal Corporation, representatives of other institutions and citizens show their rejection of the latest attack by ETA at 12 hours at the gates of the Town Hall
  • Good pace of ticket sales for The Sea Music on the Internet (18/06/2009)
    Khaled, Pablo Milanes, Emir Kusturica, Lucinda Williams, Yann Tiersen and ends with La Mala y Calle 13, the more tickets sold
  • The Jury of the Year award Cartagenero visit to the winner of 2008 (18/06/2009)
    The jury, headed by the mayor, go to school tomorrow Primitiva Lopez to personally congratulate the winner of this year, Maria José Puerto
  • Festivals Ensanche-almarjal (18/06/2009)
    The big day of festivities will be Wednesday, June 24, Day of San Juan Bautista
  • The Palace Hall hosts meeting of Inter Cultural Forum (18/06/2009)
    will be chaired by the Mayor and the Minister of Culture and will involve the council in this area in the municipalities of the Region to discuss the promotion of culture in times of crisis
  • Amavisca and Esnáider will be on the soccer Campus City of Cartagena (18/06/2009)
    This is one of the novelties of the sixth edition of this sporting event to be held from June 29 to July 4 with the participation of 100 children who will stay Villas Caravaning
  • Festivals San Félix (18/06/2009)
    The council will live its festivals with a wide range of activities that will open to the choice of the Queens and Misses
  • Colonel Gabriel Bayart morning farewell Mayor (18/06/2009)
    The Colonel far Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment is stepping down after serving the set time in command of this unit
  • Khaled, Pablo Milanes, Emir Kusturica, Lucinda Williams, Yann Tiersen and ends with La Mala y Calle 13, the more tickets sold (18/06/2009)

  • 300 students receive their card bike at the close of Municipal Road Safety Education Program (18/06/2009)
    In this school year the program have participated in more than 2,700 students from 77 schools in the city
  • The City Council awarded the 1,611 posts in the markets (18/06/2009)
    For the allocation of vacancies has been taken into account the place of residence, age, and those applying for the first time a place
  • Divertirama 09 leisure activities available to young people (18/06/2009)
    Social Care is scheduled for Saturday, a series of workshops and exhibitions that serve as the culmination of the projects developed since March by the IMSS in neighborhoods
  • Renewal of infrastructure in the Eixample and the Albujón (18/06/2009)
    Friday inaugurated the renovation of the Plaza Tenor Mario Cruz and new lighting in the Albujón, actions included in the Neighborhood Plan and Provincial
  • The Sea of Music has its own Internet radio station (17/06/2009)

  • UGT demand urgent action from the Regional Government (17/06/2009)
    "to avoid further damage to the employees and drive business project to the incomprehensible inaction of the company"
  • Tomorrow begins the marketing of 166 plots in the Industrial Park South Los Camachos (17/06/2009)
    Entrepreneurs who are interested in acquiring the parcels may be sent to the European Centre for Enterprise and Innovation Cartagena, Seremur office in Murcia, or Sepes host
  • Cerdá presents the exhibition 'Landscape Calblanque versus UM' (17/06/2009)
    The Minister expressed his hope that the "rapprochement between the disciplines of art and nature conservation will help preserve our natural heritage"
  • The Municipal School of Gymnastics closed for holidays (17/06/2009)
    Municipal Sports Pavilion hosted the afternoon yesterday the closing ceremony of the year 08/09 to more than 650 participants who performed an exhibition
  • Emilia López Marín won the Carnival Photo Contest (17/06/2009)
    The first award was granted by the Competition Jury, chaired by the Councillor of Celebration, met this morning in Colao Alberto Estate
  • Start the marketing of plots of the second phase of the industrial area of Los Camachos (17/06/2009)
    The Town Planning has come this morning to the act of marketing of these 166 sites, whose application period begins tomorrow Thursday until July 17
  • The Economic Administrative Council streamlines the time to rising claims (17/06/2009)
    In 2008, 102 complaints were lodged of which 66 have been resolved, thus approaching the goal of ruling within three months from the filing of the same , compared to six months set in other cities.
  • Dance and dance for the integration of people with intellectual disabilities (17/06/2009)
    ASID Cartagena and Margarita Dance School Mistress, in collaboration with the Department of Culture, organized for this Saturday for a gala-show for the benefit of this partnership county.
  • San Ginés RU closed the season with success (17/06/2009)
    More than 350 people attended the ceremony held last week in the municipal field Mundial 82.
  • The street fotoinstalación grooves of the city, in a book-list (16/06/2009)
    The catalog contains the project that the French artist JR made last year on the streets of the city, wallpaper, faces huge elderly, due to the Special Music Sea France
  • The City Council this year include San Ginés in the fumigation campaign (16/06/2009)
    up to June 23, Aquagest carried out on the beach the second round of the campaign to clean up the municipal sewerage network, then continue through the county councils and the urban
  • Fotoinstalación JR The grooves of the city of the last edition of La Mar de Músicas has been collected in an art catalog (16/06/2009)

  • II Futsal Campus Juanlu-Luis Amado (16/06/2009)
    Cartagena Futsal players for the second consecutive year organized a series of sports and leisure activities for children and young people, to be held from June 29 to July 4
  • Asido held a gala at the Nuevo Teatro Circo (16/06/2009)
    Councillor for Culture will present this event on Wednesday at the Palace Hall
  • The library of Santa Florentina market, off again (16/06/2009)
    The library, which opens on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10 to 14 hours, has renovated its entire bibliographic
  • Cartagena, reference to the trails in the Mediterranean Basin (16/06/2009)
    Port becomes the kilometer 0 of an overland route linking Morocco with Greece, via Spain, France, Italy and Croatia
  • Report serious pollution by particles in the Aljorra (16/06/2009)
    In the first half of June there have been twelve days of exceedences of limit values for health protection for PM10 particles, detected by the metering station of La Aljorra (Cartagena)
  • Massive participation of youth in the program is closed Colleagues (15/06/2009)
    Over the weekend activities were held at the Port of Cartagena to terminate this program of intercultural coexistence organized by the municipality
  • Project Labor Students begin their internships in companies (15/06/2009)
    Following his theoretical training on Thursday passed a practice forty-five members of the three partner health care courses, Warehouse Management and Cleaning of buildings and facilities, organized by the ADLE
  • 40 immigrants receive the official card food handler (15/06/2009)
    After participating for six days at a conference on health and nutrition
  • Young people welcome the summer in the Albujón (15/06/2009)
    Tattoos There were workshops, break dance, bracelets, beads and plastic arts, and leisure and cultural activities to bring the neighborhoods offer usually takes place in the city
  • The voice of Parrita opens in style flamenco performance cycle (15/06/2009)
    Hundreds of people gathered Saturday in the opening concert of this summer event, flamenco chord fills summer nights in Santa Lucia
  • On-going second phase of Rescue Plan on beaches (15/06/2009)
    Mayor today presented the material and human resources with which the Civil Protection will monitor the safety of bathers on the coast of Cartagena during the summer
  • Concert Alien Malagente and Z to celebrate 150 years of rock (15/06/2009)
    The performance will take place on Saturday at ten o'clock at night in front of Cavite Heroes
  • Statement of birds Procellariiformes (15/06/2009)
    The cultural center houses the sample of these large migratory marine species longevity
  • Successful closure of the XVI edition of the Local Youth Football League (15/06/2009)
    more than 2,200 athletes participated, including players and coaches from 130 different teams
  • The New Cartagena FC closes the season with a celebration of sport (15/06/2009)
    Snack, musical theater, video projections and giving of gifts were the activities chosen for this club which meets 14 years and has 16 different categories
  • Water cut in several streets of San Ginés (15/06/2009)
    The cut in water supply will begin at 9 am, and will last approximately 8 hours
  • Restored Moruna House of La Aparecida (13/06/2009)
    The building, dating from 1918, has been restored in four phases and will now be used as multipurpose local
  • Alumbres living a sham of an accident with dangerous goods iron (12/06/2009)
    About 60 people of Fire, Local Police, Civil Protection and Civil Guard have participated in the neutralization of butane gas leak from one of the derailed carriages.
  • The Community renews aid for dependents (12/06/2009)
    The Governing Board this morning gave its approval to a new grant from the Ministry of Social Policy and aid measures at home
  • The best classical music with Key Cartagena (12/06/2009)
    The Mediterranean Music Festival, held from 24 to 27 June, celebrated his twelve years with a premiere concert zarzuela and poetic, using scenarios of the city landmarks .
  • Concert in the Plaza de Armas of the Military Museum (12/06/2009)
    Pulse participate Orchestra and Spike "City of Cartagena, the Polyphonic Choir" Adolfo Vazquez "and the Choir and Rondalla" for sea.
  • An average of 215 workers will monitor and maintain the beaches this summer (12/06/2009)
    The City Council has launched special device that will act along our coast and that includes cleaning and maintenance workers, local police and civil protection.
  • The mayor receives the Ambassador of Bangladesh (12/06/2009)
    Saiful Amin Khan has visited the city to strengthen trade ties and friendship with their country.
  • Return to open the library market Santa Florentina (12/06/2009)
    The library, which opens on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10 to 14 hours, has renewed all its bibliographic.
  • The Socialist Party calls for Crossbow seeking "dialogue and not frontism" with the Ministry on the issue of AVE to Cartagena (12/06/2009)
    Teresa Rosique counselor asked that the information transferred to groups of Cartagena is "rigorous and truthful and not interested and manipulated "
  • COLLEAGUES closing the year with a day of leisure and cultural coexistence (12/06/2009)
    will be tomorrow Saturday at the Port of Cartagena, sports and leisure activities throughout the morning
  • 60 students from occupational training courses receive their diplomas IMSS (12/06/2009)
    These students have participated in the courses of Chef, Bartender Bar-Restaurant, shop and Receptionist
  • Parrita opens flamenco performance cycle (12/06/2009)
    On Saturday marks the opening concert by the singer from Valencia in the Fish Market in Santa Lucia
  • Delivered Cartagenero Sports Awards 2008 (12/06/2009)
    The traditional gala took place during a simple ceremony at the Cultural Center which highlighted the most important figures of the past year
  • DRILL: Neutralize the butane gas leak in the damaged car and finished the drill Alumbres (12/06/2009)
    have participated about 60 people for Civil Protection, Fire, Local Police and Civil Guard
  • DRILL: Firefighters try to quell butane gas leak after train crash Alumbres (12/06/2009)
    is activated Emergency Plan
  • DRILL: On Emergency Plan for dangerous goods train accident in Alum (12/06/2009)

  • The prestigious magazine Cahiers du Cinema published in its June issue a special on the film series of the festival La Mar de Músicas (12/06/2009)

  • Miguel Garcia died of Bayonas, Secretary General of the Federation of UGT services in the region of Cartagena (11/06/2009)
    UGT Militant since 1973 and has held office for 25 years
  • The City raises 1,200 euros for Caritas (11/06/2009)
    how much has been achieved by the table petition that has presided over the council's Social Care at the gates of the Town Hall on the occasion of the alms of the charity
  • The counselor Cruz opened the exhibition 'Entre iron-horse race' (11/06/2009)

  • Looks from here to there, a vision of immigrant children in Cartagena (11/06/2009)
    Hayat Nuraydin, voluntary and collaborative European Stock Exchange Languages Youth Space, 24 photographs exposed on the children of immigrants living in the city
  • The Mayor opened the newly renovated Casa La Aparecida Moruna (11/06/2009)
    The building, dating from 1918, has been restored in four phases and will now be used as multipurpose local
  • The Tourist Office of Cartagena distinguished by its quality (11/06/2009)
    Javier Herrero has gathered today in Murcia certification proving the tourist office as a center attached to ISO 9001, recognizing the history of the office and the volume of services provided
  • The Community renews aid for dependents (11/06/2009)
    The Board of Governors on Friday give its approval to a new grant from the Ministry of Social Policy and aid measures at home
  • The Minister José Ballesta presented on the "Bureau of Transport and Cartagena infrastructure" projects in infrastructure develo Ollada by the Community (11/06/2009)

  • Berber pottery workshop (11/06/2009)
    Cristina Navarro will be taught by one of the activities of the Sea Music
  • Welcome Mister Summer brings the party to the youth of El Albujón (11/06/2009)
    The Youth Council has scheduled for this Friday a series of workshops and recreational and cultural activities to bring the neighborhoods, which are usually held in the city
  • Doña Rosita the Spinster and the Language of Flowers (11/06/2009)
    The Association of Amas de Casa de Cartagena represent this classic drama by Federico García Lorca in the Aula CAM
  • The ADLE approves two new employment projects for the coming months (11/06/2009)
    One of them is a study on the socioeconomic situation of the region and its employment opportunities, and the other, a masonry and painting workshop for young people, with a value total of 96,000 euros
  • The latest sensation female vocal, Mélissa Laveaux, replaces Brazilian Luciana Souza at the festival La Mar de Músicas (11/06/2009)

  • Mock accident iron alum (10/06/2009)
    The City Council will check the operation of alarm systems and municipal intervention by a train derailment involving dangerous goods
  • Young's open Time Box Youth Information Point in San Anton (10/06/2009)
    will work on Thursdays in June and in just one day already served more than fifty lawsuits related mainly to the issue of employment and housing
  • Perku ECOS0809 closed-va (10/06/2009)
    will be outdoors in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, on Saturday June 13
  • Presentation of Welcome Mister Summer (10/06/2009)
    The president of the Youth Council, Manuel Soler, on Thursday presented the details of this activity
  • Social Services provides $ 4,000 for project development Haima (10/06/2009)
    Aimed at the social, cultural and employment of immigrant women in the barrios of Los Mateo and Santa Lucia
  • Open Enrolment for the Berber pottery workshop will be held in the festival La Mar de Músicas, Special Morocco (10/06/2009)
    Registrations can be made from the June 16 morning at People's University of Cartagena
  • The City Council joins the Caritas Day alms (10/06/2009)
    Coinciding with the celebration of Corpus Christi on Thursday placed a table petition to the gates of the Town Hall
  • The Cup enters its final phase in the stadium Cartagonova (10/06/2009)
    All this week will host the semifinals and finals of the various categories, in the afternoon at the home stadium
  • On Thursday, prizes are awarded to Sports Cartagenero 2008 (10/06/2009)
    The traditional gala will take place in trasncurso a simple ceremony at the Cultural Center that highlights the most important figures of the past year
  • Cartagena farmers affected by hail provide preferential credit to resume productive activities (10/06/2009)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water ensures that the advantageous conditions of these loans pose "a breath of fresh air" for farmers affected by hailstorm in April
  • The Community invests 1.3 million euros in improving access to the refinery tailings (09/06/2009)
    The project includes construction of a roundabout at the junction of the RM-320 and RM-322, both pathways are characterized by its high heavy vehicle traffic
  • The Conservatory of Cartagena will teach Guitar and Cante Flamenco (09/06/2009)
    Education starts for new specialty course is instrumental in the conservatories of the Region
  • 2009 European elections as results in Cartagena (08/06/2009)
    elections as results with 100% of votes counted.
  • UPyD Cartagena welcomes the results obtained in the city in the European Parliament elections (08/06/2009)

  • Successful participation at the XVI International Congress VI National Football Conference Cartagena (08/06/2009)
    More than 400 attendees participated in various panel discussions were held for two days and which analyzed various aspects of sport: arbitration, coaches, officials, players ...
  • Begin work on the third building Cartagena Security Center (08/06/2009)
    The new infrastructure will improve the current conditions of the staff of local police, which has been increased by 50 new agents Citizen Security Plan of the Region of Murcia
  • 40 immigrants receive the official card food handler (08/06/2009)
    have been participating for six days at a conference on health and nutrition
  • Selection of Cartagena, champion in the International Tournament VII F-7 fry (08/06/2009)
    Great atmosphere in the stands, in a day where young players were the stars in the stadium Cartagonova
  • Open Day at Nazareth Torre Santa Ana for its fourteenth anniversary (08/06/2009)
    is the only shelter in the region that serves people affected by HIV / AIDS with advanced disease criteria
  • II Memorial Trophy Devesa Hernández (08/06/2009)
    Participating Real Murcia, Cartagena Murcia Deportivo and FC in the juvenile form
  • In March the International Congress of football with over 400 registered (05/06/2009)
    is held during the weekend with lectures and panel discussions will take place at the premises of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena
  • 300,000 euros to improve Cavanna Square and Gran Via de La Manga (05/06/2009)

  • Begin work on the new building of the Security Park (05/06/2009)
    The mayor and the minister of the presidency on Monday put the first stone of this building that will expand the facilities of the Local Police and Fire Cartagena
  • The northern road in six months will have sidewalks and lighting (05/06/2009)
    The ongoing project includes a stretch of bike lanes and a service road to the future City of Justice
  • Poetry Contest XII Gypsy Culture Week (05/06/2009)
    Work should be about family and there will be one prize of 400 euros
  • Poster Contest XII Herald of Gypsy Culture Week (05/06/2009)
    Work should be about the Family and the prize is worth 600 euros
  • Alfonso X el Sabio on Monday to cut traffic works (05/06/2009)
    Starting Monday may not be moved vehicles in the section between Russell Street and Prince of Asturias Guimbarda
  • Children, players in the World Environment Day (05/06/2009)
    The Councillors for Sustainable Development and Sports organized workshops and games yesterday in the EcoPark in La Vaguada combining fun, sports and environmental care for the environment
  • All set for the European elections on Sunday (05/06/2009)
    Statistics municipal office will be open all day to inform citizens about the center where they have to vote and claims processing errors in a
  • Cartagena have bulls on June 21 in a portable seat installed in the La Trough Cartagena (05/06/2009)

  • ... (05/06/2009)

  • Today, we inaugurate the international conference football with over 400 registered (05/06/2009)
    will be held during the weekend with lectures and panel discussions will take place at the premises of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena
  • The number of tourists to 'Cartagena Puerto de Culturas' climbs 77 percent (04/06/2009)
    The most visits occur at the Roman Theatre and Museum
  • Project for Immigrant Women Convigual (04/06/2009)
    Begin the second phase of this project in which 15 women from other countries will receive training and placements
  • Social Services and the Barrio de la Concepción celebrate World Environment Day (04/06/2009)
    With activities related to conservation and environmental stewardship
  • Visit the Children's Shelter Civil War (04/06/2009)
    The visit, under the name of peace, create, may be made on Saturdays and Sundays in June and with it the children will understand how children lived at the time
  • The tourist visits grow by 77 percent so far this year (04/06/2009)
    The General Board of Cartagena Port of Cultures, held this morning at the Palace Hall, has found that the vast influx of tourists is bound to the Teatro Romano and museum
  • The tourism boom will alleviate the crisis in the construction (04/06/2009)
    The mayor and the new secretary of CCOO have tried this and other topics at the meeting to be held this morning at the Palace Hall to exchange views on the current state of Cartagena
  • On 5 June, go hiking older (04/06/2009)
    From The Urrutias to Cabo de Palos, will cover 15 km walk
  • The Cartagena de Tarragona enjoy the best regional film (03/06/2009)
    have organized the Cartagenero Film Series, with the screening of six films related to the city and the region of Cartagena
  • V Grand Prix Women in Athletics (03/06/2009)
    About 200 women will participate in this sporting event to be held this afternoon at the Municipal Athletic Track Cartagena
  • The sixteenth edition of the local youth football league ends (03/06/2009)
    June 12 closing the league championship and cup in the municipal stadium Cartagonova
  • The rapper Tote King creates for Seville La Mar de Músicas a song by the hip hop band H-Kayne Moroccan and singer Oum (03/06/2009)
    The theme, Hip hop exchange, will be presented on Friday 17 July in Cartagena
  • Social Services donates 15,000 euros to the Huertecica for a new prevention program (02/06/2009)
    The Project on Prevention of Addictive Behaviors is aimed at children and families, offering support and guidance to families
  • Culture restored the Christ of the Agony of Charity Hospital of Cartagena (02/06/2009)

  • Cartagena Puerto de Culturas hands out awards for photography (02/06/2009)
    In this fourth edition fans have attended Murcia, Alicante, Albacete, Madrid, Cadiz, Salamanca
  • High participation in the Conference on the Environment in San Anton (02/06/2009)
    On the occasion of World Environment Day, the district engaged in activities such as recycling and makeup workshops with the participation of citizens from different cultures
  • The Ambassador of Morocco, visiting Cartagena (02/06/2009)
    This week has been received by the mayor at the Palace Hall
  • Closure of the School Parents (02/06/2009)
    There will be a panel discussion on family oriented AMPA's participants
  • Fifteen immigrant students learn the secrets of welding (02/06/2009)
    The basic welding course runs until June 25 in downtown San Juan Bosco Salesians
  • Open the deadline to apply for Youth Travellers Aid (02/06/2009)
    Aimed at young people between 16 and 30 travelers whose efforts go beyond the actual tourism
  • The child actors in the World Environment Day (02/06/2009)
    The Councillors for Sustainable Development and Sports has organized workshops and games Ecopark The trough in the afternoon of Thursday, combining fun, sports and environmental care for the environment
  • The property tax collection and other municipal taxes (02/06/2009)
    up to August 5 will open the period for voluntary payment of these taxes, which raise an amount in excess of 47 million euros from 205,577 bills
  • María José Puerto, Cartagenera of the Year 2008 (01/06/2009)
    Director, Center for Special Education Early Lopez, who has devoted 42 years of his life, is the second woman to win this award
  • Users Eighty Time Box receive educational counseling and employment (01/06/2009)
    The Youth Space is complete and Socio-Intervention Program in the neighborhoods of San Anton, The 600, Los Mateos and José María de Lapuerta
  • Cartagena will in 2010 with a Sports Hall valued at 15 million euros (01/06/2009)
    The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Pedro Alberto Cruz, next to the mayor of Cartagena, Pilar Barreiro, have visited the works
  • Cabo de Palos seeks Guinness record with the concentration of 1,300 simultaneous divers (01/06/2009)
    The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, together with the marine resort of Mar Menor, prepared the event from 10 to 12 October to try to overcome the 958 divers Current record registered in the Maldives
  • More than 1,500 school children participated in the program during the current ADE (01/06/2009)
    Friday celebrated the end of the second edition of this initiative by the Department of Sport which aims to bring the sport's elite young students Cartagena
  • Children and adults enjoyed the last Family Concert (01/06/2009)
    The Department of Education has come full circle for this academic year with a performance on Saturday of sounds and dances of the Renaissance
  • Approved the construction of a pumping station of sewage in the cairn Isla Plana (01/06/2009)
    The Governing Board also accepts the assignment from a low of 400 square meters of a former hotel establishment in La Manga
  • Cabo de Palos is launched at a Guinness World Record for simultaneous diving (01/06/2009)
    La Estación Náutica del Mar Menor preparing an event to be held from 10 to 12 October, which seek to overcome the 958 divers of the current registered record Maldives
  • Erasmus Alumni first FP will aid the Department of Youth (01/06/2009)
    The Board of Governors approved a new call for students registered in Cartagena
  • The extension of Bruna Angel have four lanes (01/06/2009)
    The Board of Governors approved the expansion project, sidewalks and lighting of the last stretch of the avenue, amounting to some 550,000 euros
  • Llagostera Tower restaurant will host a European and Japanese (01/06/2009)
    Government grants the Board of rehabilitation and operation of the modernist building of the Garden of Beads
  • El Palacio de Deportes Ecuador exceed its implementation (01/06/2009)
    The mayor has visited this morning, along with the Minister of Culture and Sports, the works of this sports facility located near the mall Eroski

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